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It’s Mother’s Day weekend, aka, time to treat your momma like the superstar she is! There are more fun things to do aside from Mother’s Day. But unlike other weekends, when you rage against the machine on Friday and Saturday, this weekend you might wanna take one of those days off. You don’t wanna show up for brunch with mom dukes, hungover and smelling like a beer and shot special.

You might also wanna nix any conversations about politics, since Donald Trump seems to bring forth fire and brimstone, from both his detractors and supporters. And don’t even think about bringing up anything about “preexisting conditions”, unless she brings it up. Even then, refresh her mimosa whenever table talks veer into the healthcare lane. Here are some of my event picks for your Brooklyn weekend.

Simply Wonderful!

Wonderful Party, The Hall At MP, 470 Driggs, Saturday, 10:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m., ($20)

This is an easy one. If you’ve needed to dance and want to enter a full on trance woven around the wonderful Stevie Wonder’s music, sound, energy and spirit, then you probably already have your ticket to this one, right? If not, well you need to get to that and click this link. Granted, you gonna see your mom the next day, but thankfully by then you’ll have released any residual, weird energy and can simply enjoy the moment.

Bed Vyne Cocktail got You on Saturday

Cav’s Birthday Party, Bed Vyne Cocktail, 305 Halsey St., Saturday, 8:00 p.m. – late, (free)

If you don’t know Comrade Cav, this Saturday is the perfect time to meet him, as he’s celebrating his birthday. He’s the party starter for Wonderground Sound System, who throw parties all around Brooklyn, from backyards to beer gardens. So expect a fun time, when he and his British friends show you how to party proper! It’s five DJs, one MC (Cav) and all good times. You can also drink amazing cocktails, since it’s, well, a dope cocktail bar. There’s food on deck thanks to the incredible Bintou Ndaw, who also has a tasty line of available spicy condiments in select shops. She will have food available for purchase.

In fact, before Cav’s birthday party, you could also go to Bed Vyne Cocktail for a Rosé and Sparkling Wine event, from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.. Peaches Hot House will provide light fare, so you don’t get too bent on rosé, like you on a champagne campaign. Sounds like Bed Vyne Cocktail gonna be lit this weekend!

I’m playing the tunes for the opening!

Where Did We Go Wrong – Exhibition Opening, Island To Island Brewery, 642 Rogers Avenue, Saturday, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., (free) (PLG)

This is a solo show of Jeff Rothberg, an artist who works across multiple mediums, creatively expressing the mind of a NYC born-and-bred, self-professed “smart ass”. He’s worked with clients such as MTV and VH1, and artists ranging from Sean Price to Rick Ross, French Montana and Dead Prez. Expect digital and graphic design work that’s witty, topical and opiniated. I’m also DJing the opening, so that’s that as well! It’s at Island To Island Brewery, which is one of my favorite places. As part of ‘Their Seed To Spirit’ concept, they’re using fruit to make everything from cold pressed juices to kombucha, mead, beer and even alcohol. You can drink some booze and get some nutritional/health benefits at the same time; their products and energy is a reason in itself to come thru to the opening. Did I mention that I’m playing music? Click Here for the FB event page

No painting by numbers here

Paint & Sip, Prospect Park, Sunday, 2:00 p.m., $$48.47 – $69.57 (Click here for tickets.)

I know, I know, it’s a bunch of paint & sip events out there and maybe you’ve been to a few that were kinda “Meh”! But this one is different. It’s a paint and sip with your mom: she can get day wrecked on wine, and tell you how she really feels about your kids and your sketchy TV viewing habits. You might actually come out of there with some cool paintings, or at least a few mementos to hang on your wall or fridge, and shamefully walk past them every day.

Bring your lovely progeny and spend Mother’s Day in the resplendent and expansively beautiful Prospect Park. There will be organic, fruit-infused drinks and an organic brunch buffet, only using all natural products. Wait, maybe it’s not any booze in those healthy sounding drinks. Bring a flask just in case, and def don’t take the kids into those weird, woody areas where folks ain’t just watching nature.

You’ll enjoy a unique dish from your own hand

Cooking With Mom – A Sumptuous Mother’s Day Cooking Class,  Secret Location, Sunday,  12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., $100 – $300. (Click here for tickets.)

Join Nola, of Sumptuous Bites Catering, and her mom Doris, owner of The Hills Restaurant, on Mother’s Day to prepare a sumptuous Caribbean meal.

Listen, you stingy ingrate, ain’t nothing wrong with blowing some money on your moms for Mother’s Day. Didn’t you just get a raise or something? You should thank her for not leaving you, strapped in your baby seat, with the car running and the keys in the ignition! Wait, she did that? Well, thank her for other things, like your drive, compassion and love for life that she imbued you with as a likkle youth. With you both being on equal ground in the kitchen, don’t let mom try to bully the stove; let her relax and let the cooking be therapy.

But don’t start day drinking while you’re cooking, or the food may come out crazy! You get the location’s address after you purchased a ticket.

Your ticket includes:

  • free gifts,
  • a raffle ticket to win a specialized mom package from Mrs. Georgia America, Onica Blaize,
  • mimosas.
  • a delicious lunch,
  • recipes to take home
  • wonderful memories,
  • individual and group photograps that will be emailed to you.
Season Opener

Mister Sunday, Nowadays, 56-06 Cooper Street, Sunday, 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., ($15 at the door)

It’s the launch of the summer season for this big party. It’s big. Lots of people and a real boogie affair! You can go right after brunch with your mom…or bring her along. Dancing is good for everybody! Here’s the info straight from the Facebook event page:

“It’s the opening party of the Mister Sunday outdoor season.

If you’ve never joined us for a Mister Sunday before, let’s go through a few reasons you’ll love it: excellent music on a proper sound system, a tree-dappled setting with grassy knolls and plenty of places to sit and hang out, killer local fare from the Nowadays food truck, tacos and huaraches from Country Boys, and an all-ages, all-walks-of-life vibe, all day long.

This summer, we’ve also added a big shade structure above the dance floor to make it comfortable even in the mid-day sun, and we’ve brought back the RSVP system for a cheaper way to get involved.

And, of course, at some point soon, we’ll be getting the indoors at Nowadays open to give us plenty of extra room…

We’re looking forward to seeing you down there. Please shoot us an email at with any questions you have.

Advance Tickets:
RSVP for $15 entry at the door:

So there go! Now go and tell your mom something sweet!


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