Who doesn’t love dope street art?

Well, if you live in Brooklyn, where the presence of street art is as ubiquitous as the millions of pedestrians and pigeons that inhabit the borough, at worst, you learn to tolerate street art; at best, you come to love it!

And why not love it? It speaks to the creativity, diversity, and brilliance of its residents– a voice otherwise silenced by miles of concrete buildings that is suddenly and boldly handed a megaphone!

Beginning this past Saturday, on the corner of Underhill Avenue and St. Johns Place in Prospect Heights, you can now find a collection of larger-than-life art pieces newly erected by the hands of local artists.

Jeff Beler with @call_her_al and @dubious_contessa Photo: Jeff Beler

The project’s curators, Jeff Beler and Frankie Velez, have put together an amazing project. The project is in front of what use to be an old laundry mat, where Beler asked the owner if he could use it for a continuous art installation that will change every six months.

Curators Jeff Beler and Frankie Velez. Photo: Jeff Beler

In addition to beautifying the community, the project is intended to create opportunities where the area’s youth can become an integral part of the neighborhood’s design and development

“Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way” by SacSix Photo: Kareem Dobson for BK Reader.

“The neighborhood has been thanking us for beautifying the area, and the reactions of all the children that walk by are priceless,” said Velez.

Pedestrians clearly were in awe of the artistry and charm the newly painted walls immediately added to the urban landscape. Not only was it transforming the streetscape, it also seemed to be changing the mood of those who viewed.

Photo: Jeff Beler

“Wait, people do this with spray cans and paint brushes?” said one passerby, Arthur Cleamons. “Wow that is unbelievable I wish I could do something like that!”

It’s about “always staying ahead of the game,” said Velez.

Well, the community is looking forward to seeing what’s next!

You can keep up with Jeff Beler, Frankie Velez and all the other featured artist their future installations by following them on Instagram here: @jeffbeler@artface7@jartista @albertusjoseph @jtlissphotoart @sacsix, @hektad_official, @sean_slaney, @zimernyc, @andre_trenier, @chriswk, @call_her_al @dubious_contessa, @ajlavilla, @ariana_febles @calimaverick, @dirtcobain, and @layercakeny.

Photos: Kareem Dobson for BK Reader and Jeff Beler


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