He's a special breed
He’s a special breed

Bill O’Reilly is an asshole, and that is no secret.

He’s way disrespectful on so many levels, to so many people, and his history of such thoughts and language is well documented, because duh, he does it on national television. His recent mocking of Congresswomen Maxine Water’s hair style, was insulting for the very words, but as well because of who Maxine Waters is.

Now granted, as a politician and political figure, she is open for mockery. In fact, some comics have made a living skewering politicians, from the POTUS on down to local town mayors. But there a few things here that pop into my mind to consider about this particular situation:

1. Bill O’Reilly is not a comic or any kind of entertainer that’s on TV to make you laugh, because he’s a serious news commentator and opinion spewer. Not that he can’t bring humor or levity to his program, but blatantly going after someone with open mockery and derision is out of his territory.

2. America has lost respect for formerly venerable institutions and people, across the board, and like the GOP’s beloved “trickle down theory,” the disrespect is definitely flowing from the top of Donald Trump’s mouth and soaking everything in its drip path. So the country has clearly became even more disrespectful since Trump got elected.

3. Politicians are fair game for mockery, especially when they’ve been caught in compromising situations, spew ridiculous opinions and statements or have generally stunk at being a politician. Granted, Maxine Waters has said some pretty funny things, such as Putin wants to invade Korea, instead of Crimea, which is a simple case of her switching the names of the countries around (I hope), but she’s no clown. She’s a dignified politician, but also a female congressperson, which is akin to saying that she’s a dwarf unicorn, and also a black congresswomen, which makes her an albino dwarf unicorn… AND she’s a national treasure who has been fighting for civil rights since Bill O’Reilly was a young racist. You know, fighting the inequality born from chattel slavery in America.

4. Maxine Waters’s hair ain’t fuxed up like that. Wig or not, her hair isn’t so bad to the point of open, disrespectful mockery. Would I want my auntie rocking that? No I would not. But Waters is nearly 80 years old, and she likes what she likes!

5. James brown conked his hair, so that it would look like what is traditionally a black woman’s hair style… So James Brown’s hair, if anything, looked like Maxine Waters.

6. People have lamented the lack of clap back from black male celebrities and entertainers with a platform, and think that perhaps black men don’t have the back of black women, who are often front and center when it comes to defending black men. Though the Will Smiths, Lebron Jameses and Corey Bookers of the world should have spontaneously spit fire at O’Reilly, fact is Booker’s running for president in 2020, Lebron James is getting in playoff mode and Will Smith is currently prepping for his next role where he plays Barack Obama… and staying in character, Smith decided not to address the issue. (Or maybe they all got spooked by Colin Kaepernick still being unemployed).

7. Black men are hyper disrespectful to Black women in real life and as entertainment, and the media shows black women disrespecting black women, as TV entertainment. So perhaps, a white person can feel that their impunity level for such as grave disrespect of a national black treasure… is super safe. O’Reilly’s disrespect of a black woman was just tossed on the big ole pile of black women disrespect and will soon be covered by a rap video and episode of Love & Hip-Hop. So somebody gotta smack Bill and we have to smack ourselves… But then again, that just sounds like the latest episode of Housewives Of Atlanta

8. Bill O’Reilly shouldn’t be fired for his comments on Maxine Waters’s hair. Bill O’Reilly should be fired for his constant stream of racially insensitive and outright racist remarks. In NFL parlance, he shouldn’t get banned for the one incident, he should be banned because he’s a repeat offender. Don Imus was fired for calling the Rutgers Basketball team “nappy headed hoes,” but that’s in a whole other league of disrespect (sexist, racist, misogynistic, demeaning… just all kinda adjectives).

9. I would love to see Maxine Waters with a natural.

10. Congresswoman Waters represents the 43rd district of California, which includes Inglewood, and like Dr. Dre said on the Chronic album, “Inglewood always up to no good…”… So maybe Inglewood should flood O’Reilly’s email and voicemail with volumes of mean mug/mad dog videos and disrespectful messages left using both “proper English” and “ebonics.”

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