Weekend Events, BrooklynRun tell dat, the Brooklyn weekend is here!

I mean yeah, it comes every week, but c’mon, you know you miss it soon as Monday rolls around. Soon as you gotta get back on that packed A train, with dudes manspreading and kids screaming, you miss the weekend. When you get to the office and have your awkward co-worker, the close talker, invading your personal space after a full lunch of Indian food and desperation, you definitely miss it– so you might as well embrace the magic of the weekend.

Here’s five on the black hand side (what… catch up on your 7’s blaxploitation flicks and get back to me), to get you out in these Brooklyn streets.

Whether looking for the perfect beat, or looking for the perfect eats, stick to this script and be a winner like Viola Davis… no tears or snot required.

Brooklyn Art Library’s Birthday, 28 Frost Street, Friday, March 3rd, 7pm-10pm, Free (Williamsburg)

This library is turning one year old, and celebrating with a party! It’s a library that connects with artists, to help further their careers, by aiding them in going from process to market. It’s home to the sketchbook project, which has 35,000 sketchbooks from artists all over the world. If you want more information on the library, click Here, and if you would like to go to the birthday party, as you totally should if you want to hang out with artists, check out amazing sketchbooks and drink free beer from Brooklyn Brewery, then click Here.

Can two parties occupy the same space at the same time?

An Epic Mash-Up Night: Beat Haus + Brooklyn Took It, C’mon Everybody, 641 Classon Avenue, Friday march 3rd, 7pm-4am, free (Prospect Heights)

It’s like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial, where two good things come together to make something extra dope. I’m not sure what party is the chocolate and what party is the peanut butter, but I’m not here to get all existential about it. It’s at Friends and Lovers on Classon, which is pretty big and exactly “what she said”, but I’m off topic. Go to this party and get your boogie on proper. It’s going to be good chunes, strong drinks and good people, which means you’ll probably meet your future Twitter stalker in the bathroom line. It’s free like Viola Davis, which is even better!

Diamond in the back, sunroof top

Target First Saturdays, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Free + Ticketed, Saturday, March 4th, 5pm-11pm, (Crown Heights)

Now, I probably don’t have to tell you about Target First Saturdays, it’s a well known entity. In fact, you’re probably taking it for granted. You’re taking for granted that you have a world class museum in your backyard, because it’s right there. It’s like your boyfriend. You’re probably taking him for granted as well. He’s still that stand up guy you fell in love with and Target First Saturdays is still a wonderful, day long event. This month’s edition is entitled Future Feminism and here’s what some of the music lineup is looking like:

Buscabulla + Soul In The Horn w/ Natasha Diggs + DProsper + The Trans List + Charlotte Dos Santoss + Brown Girls and more!

You can get the full itinerary by clicking here, and getting over toe Eastern Parkway this Saturday.

Nasty is what nasty does

Nasty Songs, Irondale Center, 85 Oxford Street, Saturday March 4th, 8pm$10 suggested donation,  (Fort Greene)

In this challenging environment, is it any surprise that a culture of protest is permeating the nation and beyond? The challenges have been so gripping, that it negates the need to even put a name to it, since it’s the national conversation and shakes the newsfeed like a maraca on a daily basis. Since every protest sounds better with a beat, a night of protest songs is the perfect making for a Saturday night in fort Greene. It’s a bill of talented musicians and wordsmiths, as Irondale and Art Buffett kicks off a month “Not Normal: Art in Resistance”. You can view the lineup of artists on the Facebook event page by clicking here, but know that it’s a band called “Bandits On The Run”, on the bill, which feels quite appropriate for the event.

I can “barley” contain myself!

2nd Annual Ruppert’s Cup Award (NYC Craft Beer Week), Barcade, 388 Union Avenue, Saturday March 4th, 12pm (Williamsburg)

So it’s NYC Craft Beer Week and things are hopping. Pardon the egregious beer pun, but if you’re a fan of microbrews and local breweries, from a stellar lineup of producers, then you’re going barley be able to contain yourself. I can ladle out these beer puns all day, but the 2nd annual edition of this event is only happening this Saturday, where you can pick up some fun collaboration beers from select breweries, including KCBC, which is a favorite of mine, and pair it with some grubbie grub from participating food trucks. For more information on the suds, please click here, which is the Facebook event page.

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