Brooklyn Coop hosts tax preparation class for small businesses and freelancers

Calling all small business owners of Central Brooklyn!

Did you know that one of the top-three SBA-approved small business lenders is located right in your back yard?
With branches in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick, Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union (B-Coop) is among the three most active SBA small business lenders in Kings County and, most recently, has started a series of FREE workshops to assist local small businesses and residents who are self-employed prepare their taxes.
Already, they’ve held two successful workshops– one, focused on individuals who have incorporated small businesses; and another for freelancers who declare self-employment income on their personal taxes.

“We mostly see people in the workshop who want to know how to do things better, or because they’ve never declared self-employment income and they want more information.  And we can do this for them,” said Tammy Wills, a business tax preparer since at Brooklyn Coop.

“The workshops give the community at large the opportunity to come check out all the credit union’s financial education services, to see that we’re not just here to take their deposits.”

A third tax preparation workshop will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2:00pm, at the Bed-Stuy branch, located at 834 Dekalb Avenue, and will address individuals who earn and must claim income from independent entities, such as Airbnb.

Workshops also are offered to community organizations that serve small businesses. On February 28, program staffers Tammy Wills and Laurel Leckert will travel to Brooklyn Kitchen to deliver their presentation there for small food producers.

  • Are you a Multi-Member LLC, Partnership, or Corporation?
  • Does your company provide K-1s to you and your partners?
  • Do your contractors and employees get 1099s or W-2s from you?
  • Does your business file a 1065, or 1120, or an 1120S?

Then this class is for you!!

You’ll learn:

  • What business expenses are deductible and how to track them
  • What a trial balance is and how to use it
  • How you should be paying yourself
  • Changes in filing deadlines for C-Corps

Refreshments provided.  To register, email: [email protected].

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