Stephanie Casso explaining her works to attendees.

Flatbush Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District (Junction BID) gave the public the first preview of its “@The Junction Initiative” Thursday evening at 1449 Flatbush Avenue.

With the support from New York City Small Business Services and the idea to leverage local artwork to promote local businesses, the Flatbush Junction BID sent out an open call for artists in July 2016.

Yasmin Gur, curator for the initiative, picked ten local artists, introduced them to various business owners on Flatbush Avenue, and asked them to create artistic works that reflects the spirit of the business itself. The finished work will be shown in the office space or store.

Keka Marzagao (left)

The space where the reception was held housed Keka Marzagao’s series of photographs entitled “Women of Flatbush.” Her photographs feature accomplished women of diverse ethnic backgrounds living in Flatbush. Her work celebrates the ethnic vibrancy in the area. Kenneth Mbonu, executive director of the Junction BID, explained, “Flatbush is a Brooklyn neighborhood that harbors great diversity: West Indians, Jews, Arabs, South Asians and other ethnic groups meet, live and do business with each other here.”

One of Keka Marzagao’s photographs

Across the street from the venue was the reception for the event at Victoria Stennett’s real estate office (1454 Flatbush Avenue). There you can view Stephanie Casso’s works. Victoria Stennett’s real estate business has won numerous awards for its contributions to the community. She has always been concerned about giving back to the community.

One of Victoria Stennett’s many awards for her contributions to the community

To Stennett, and perhaps many of her clients, she is not merely selling properties: She is selling opportunities to build homes and set roots. Casso’s work portrays the harmony among the residents and the strength within Stennett herself. During the next few weeks, more of Casso’s works will be shown at Stennett’s office. As a whole, they will convey the landscape of Flatbush in general.

The upcoming pop-up previews will be held on February 9, from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm. In April as the weather warms, the Junction BID will hold an art walk during which residents of the neighborhood can see the ten artists works in ten different businesses and get a comprehensive picture of the spirit of the entire initiative.

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