The closer we get to inauguration day, the realer this Donald Trump presidency becomes.

I mean, it’s going to happen, just as sure as the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Superbowl, but It still feels like a national nightmare that we can’t wake up from. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and the bedsheets are soaked from cold sweat, and I’m wracked with body shakes, cotton mouth and I’m dry heaving.

Although I can attribute much of that to my penchant for eating sketchy sushi from gas station mini-marts, it’s deeper than that: The nightmares now feature Trump kitty-grabbing Angela Merkel, sending gun clap emoji’s to Kim Jong-un and building a wall with labor comprised of Trump University drop-outs and a hodge-podge of contractors he stiffed on golf course developments.

In other words, this MLK weekend comes at a good time, as we celebrate, literally, the polar opposite of the president elect. So yeah, here’s some weekend event picks.

Get up on your good foot

DynaNite:Celebrating The Music Of James Brown, Friends & Lovers, 641 Classon Ave, Friday January 13th, Free (Crown Heights)

James Brown is often called both the Godfather of Soul and the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, but either way, he’s a national treasure and one whom I had the pleasure seeing perform live.

James Brown performed after the 3rd annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the Plaza Hotel. The fashion show was super hot and I had a great seat to see the scantily clad Supermodels traipse down the runway. Claudia, Tyra, Linda and a whole bunch of other one-name models, and of course Naomi, completely devoured the runway, while looking fit af and completely delicious. I thought I was in heaven until I went to the after party across the street, where James Brown performed old and new hits, danced with the angels and even did splits with his old man paunch! It was one of those classic NYC nights for sure and super memorable!

Oh yeah, this party should be fun, with residents Dash Speaks and Esquire NYC, who welcome an all vinyl set from guest DJ Easy Mo Bee, who was produced for a range of artist, from Notorious BIG to Alicia Keys. Check out the FB Event Page by clicking here

This is good Saturday Fun

Castle Soire Saturday, 201 Hancock St., 8pm-1:30am, Free (BedStuy)

These guys always have fun parties! I went there for a Halloween party and had a blast and so did my friends; specially the one that started singing with the band and sounded really good but all her friends were in the moment and didn’t catch any of her performance on video. That’s how fun the party is… people forget about social networking! Here’s some of what you can expect at the party, per their Facebook Event Page

+ Zouk dancing,
+ Contact Improv, and
+ Bodywork/Massage.

As well as dedicated Castle chambers for:

+ Live music by amazing local stars Carissa and The Voodoo Lilies,
+ Participatory Art (a communal painting canvas), and
+ Group Music Meditation.

We’ll also have a game room, two dance rooms, hookahs, hammocks, and loads more.” You can check out a few schedule of events by clicking here

Getcho Beer On!

The Wilky 1-Year Anniversary, 108 Patchen Avenue January 14th-15th, 2pm-Midnite each day, Free (BedStuy)

I’m a fan of Beer Halls, even if they’re not of the gigantic sort, because it’s really about the quality of the taps and not the size of the bar. I know I know, that’s what she said, but The Wilky always has a fine selection of craft beer, and for this one year anniversary, they’ll have a special anniversary beer brewed with KCBC, as well a some of the greatest tap hits from their first year in business.

If you don’t like craft beer, which means you’re probably a Russian hacker, you can also enjoy expertly mixed cocktails at the bar, which also sports a tough menu of bar bites. It’s some free pours and giveaways happening, so check out the Facebook Event Page for more information.

King trumps Trump

MLK Celebration, Bed Vyne Cocktail, 305 Halsey St, 7pm-Late, Free (BedStuy)

This is my party. It’s going to be fun because I’m doing it. There’s no work on Monday, unless you work in hospitality or retail sales, in which case, you might have to work. But you’ll probably get overtime if you do have to work, so that’s a bonus right there! I’m starting the party early anyway, because early is some people’s preference, especially if you have little rug rats at home and your parents won’t babysit overnight.

I’ll be playing some fun stuff and some jams that evoke the legacy of Dr. King, and will also do a Rant & Rave, where you can grab the mic for two minutes and rant about whatever is on your mind. I might also play some turn-up tunes, because life is short and Donald Trump is coming to take away your twerking (like how Obama was going to take away people’s guns). Check the FB Event Page by clicking here

Gospel & Grits

Gospel Sundays, Buttermilk Kitchen, 1295 Prospect Avenue, 5:30pm-10:30pm, Free

Sometimes all vinyl can feel like a gimmick, and especially all vinyl 45 events… that’s until you get there and hear the warmth of the tunes, the crackling of the records and experience something real and analog. If there ever was a music genre that sounds amazing on vinyl, it’s Gospel music. Not that I’m some sort of prophet, but something tells me that god ain’t down with the digital download. I mean he must be OK with it, because all this mumble rap sells records, which is surely a miracle, but it’s better on vinyl.

In addition the DJ is recording artist Eli “Paperboy” Reed, who definitely know’s a thing or three about gospel. Oh, Buttermilk Kitchen specializes in Soul Food, which sound like a great pairing with Mr. Reed’s selection of 45’s. Click here for FB Event Page

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