Susan Knott introducing adult literacy program

Community Board 3, representing the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant held its monthly general public meeting at 1368 Fulton Street on Monday.

The newly elected Chairperson Richard Flateau delivered the opening remarks. Speakers at the meeting included but not limited to the representative from New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Office; New York City Council member Laurie Cumbo; representative from Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez’s Office; Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright; acting New York State Supreme Court Justice Carolyn E. Wade; Tywan Anthony from CB3 Economic Development Committee; librarians from the Brooklyn Public Library; Julia Cuthbertson from NYC Smoke-Free and small business owners.

The above mentioned speakers addressed the issue of public safety, introduced newly passed legislations, funding opportunities, job openings among others that can provide substantial help to residents, NGOs and small businesses.

NYC Smoke Free’s presentation
  • Council Member Laurie Cumbo introduced a one million budget participatory budgeting, which encourages the community members to decide how to spend public budget.
  • Representative from Brooklyn DA’s Office announced that NYPD recently established a hate crime unit whose sole purpose is to deal crimes of such kind. Residents can call DA’s office (718-250-2340) for the definition of hate crime or believe they are the victim of it. He also mentioned the arrest of 35 Brooklyn gang members in December 2016.
  • Nicholas Perry, Borough liaison with New York City Comptroller’s Office said during FY 2016, the city procured $15.3 billion worth of goods and service, but only 4.8 percent went to women and minority owned business. This number had led to the Comptroller’s Office’s decision to increase funding for women and minority business owners.
  • Susan Knott from Brooklyn Public Library Bedford Branch introduced their adult literacy program and sent an open call for volunteer instructor.
  • New York City Department of Correction encouraged people who look to start or shift career to apply to be New York City Correction Officer. Please visit for more information.
  • NYC Smoke-Free presented its smoke-free housing proposal which aims to eliminate smoking in residential buildings. Ian Vernon and Crystal Lingle, the two owners of Home Frite announced that they will open a new location in Bed-Stuy in March this year.
Ian Vernon and Crystal Lingle’s plan for Home Frite in Bed-Stuy

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day. Please stay tuned to Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 31st annual tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during this time of collective misgivings.

Finally, Mayor De Blasio will visit Bed-Stuy on Wednesday, January 25. Flyers for this event will be sent out shortly.

Community Board 3 meets the first Monday of each month. The next CB3 meeting will be held on Monday, February 6, 7:00pm, at 1368 Fulton Street.

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  1. If you were not a the community board meeting this week its fine because they no visitor out forth anything beneficial for the people nothing, nothing worth a roach only more laws to keep black people out. These leaders are fake an phoney . fake race task force . no smoking in the privacy of ones home. This is bull they bring this bull to community board . they haven’t they gaul to bring forth issues that would benefit the people . im speaking at the next meeting against this fake leadership. So low they must go after smokers now wow.

    1. It not about people smoking in the privacy in their own home they literally stand in lobbies and hall staircases to smoke and do mixtures of theirs drug and loitering activities. Residents apartments esp with low air qualities as it is have to breathe in these fumes and suffer from sickness and allergies. And there who are unsympathetic and uncaring even with requests or complaints they still stay in front of people’s home to continue there pleasures without consequence. While as the sick have to stay sick and even miss work and go in and out of hospitals. Why not allow separation from smokers and non smokers for health quality and better efficiency in the quality of life to be chosen.

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