Spazzmodius, interview
Spazzmodius in an interview

Lets face it, we hear music all the time, everywhere we go.  However, a lot of that music includes those same six songs you hear on the radio.  Some of us often forget that there is incredible music coming from an artist who may live right down our block and you may or may not have heard about them.

Spazzmodius, 23, is an emerging rapper. Originally from the Bronx, Spazz has had an interest in music since a very young age.  His first music experience was at age 14, when he was a member of a rock band.  In his magnet high school, he performed in choirs.  At age 16, he started rapping.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In my lyrics, I try to make people tap into thoughts that they would normally be scared to tap into.”[/perfectpullquote]

Spazzmodius– which comes from the name Spazz, a nickname that a friend gave him in high school–is a member of a collective called Misguided Youth,” although he views himself primarily as a solo artist.  

I got into rapping at 16, a friend of mine found out about this contest for rapping, we didnt win.  After that, I was trying to figure out my sound, I didnt start taking it very seriously until about age 19,” said Spazzmodius.

Spazz says a lot of his inspiration came from his parents. Both of his parents came of age during hip hops birth and emergence, so he grew up listening to 90s hip hop and R&B. Some artists who influenced him include A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Biggie, Lauryn Hill, Outkast and Big L. His favorite modern, mainstream artist is J Cole.  

J Cole is one of the only mainstream artists who is not afraid to break the rules. He doesnt worry about getting the hottest rappers on his tracks, he just cares about the art,” said Spazzmodius.

Spazzmodius, performing, shea stadium, bush wick
Spazzmodius performing at Shea Stadium in Bushwick

Spazzs lyrics largely relate to his own life and often promote self love and self acceptance.  Other lyrics discuss issues like financial hardship, internal struggles such as anxiety and societal issues of racism and inequality.

In my lyrics, I try to make people tap into thoughts that they would normally be scared to tap into,” he said.

Hip hop to me is a spectrum; you cant really put hip hop in a box because there are so many different elements to hip hop.  If I can use one word to describe it, Id probably say passion. Passion drawn from the love of the culture.  Hip hop is culture, its not a genre, its not music, its a culture.  People really try to diminish hip hop, they put it in a box,” he said.

Spazzmodius performingSo whats next for Spazz? He is working on an EP entitled, Truly Beautiful.” He’s also working on starting an LLC corporation for regular events and showcases.  More music videos should also be on their way.  You can find Spazzmodius on Soundcloud and Instagram, definitely check him out!

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