Charnier Corey, the owner

Calling all last-minute shoppers, procrastinators and downright busy people of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill!

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, don’t despair, BK Reader is here… with another great option for #shoppinglocal, right before Christmas.

Check out Leisure Life, a heritage, artifacts and serendipitous fashion house, located at 559 Myrtle Avenue. Upon entering the store, it is difficult to miss the art works on the right side of the wall. Here we can see some of artist Kumarsi J. Barnett’s works, inspired by the Spider Man.

Also, look for the store’s staple sweat shirt. You’ll recognize it by the word “LIFE” sewn onto the shirt in large letters by the store’s owner, Charnier Corey himself. As a matter of fact, he designed all the clothes in the store. The best moment is when you find something you like and want to try it on because you will notice that Corey uses an old harp case as the fitting room door!

“People like it.” Corey said.

But has the gift guide mentioned that this is a place to shop Christmas gifts for history and/or art buffs? It definitely is. This is probably because Corey himself has a passion for art and creativity.

There is a bookshelf at the back of the store featuring a collection of books on art history. Some of the books, such as the 1958 first edition of The Proud of Possessors which is about art collectors, are already out of print.

For the nostalgic folks, the store has a vintage sofa from the long-running popular soap opera “All My Children” and a barber chair for sale as well.

You can find information on Leisure Life and other shopping options in the Myrtle Avenue Holiday Gift Guide.

And oh yeah, Corey hosts Ping Pong games next door on every Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Stop by and play with them!

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