On the 10th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me For 12 days leading up to Christmas, BK Reader is highlighting 12 local businesses across Central and East Brooklyn that are great for holiday shopping!


Woodstack, 145 East 98th Street (Brownsville)

Woodstack is a brand founded in 2011 and now encompasses five stores in Brooklyn and one in New Jersey.

The Brownsville location definitely brings a well curated selection of sneakers and apparel, combined with great customer service, to give shoppers a pleasant, holiday shopping experience. It skews on the pop culture/lifestyle side, with much of its offerings easily seen in rappers’ music videos. But it also has little kids versions of those same cool clothes, so you can turn your child into a mini-me, with matching denim and Air Jordans.

The Brownsville store is right on 98th street, between Blake and Union Street, and is stylishly designed and laid out with the proper amount of retail feng shui. The store carries a nice collection of G-Star, which is not so common for a store in Brownsville, and also has sneakers, snap backs, and a well curated NBA jersey offering, with the Magic Johnson jersey looking super tough!

Woodstack reminds me of a store that might soon have fifty locations, in which case it wouldn’t make BK Readers holiday gift guide! Check them out!

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