On the 8th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me For 12 days leading up to Christmas, BK Reader is highlighting 12 local businesses across Central and East Brooklyn that are great for holiday shopping!


March and Cafe Rue Dix, 1453, 1451 Bedford Avenue

Sometimes the world isn’t very stylish, especially during the winter months, when it’s cold and gray and feels a bit like London in Brooklyn.

If you have a fashionista on your Christmas list who is also going through the winter blahs, then you should pick them up something from Marche Rue Dix, on Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights. It’s billed as a cultural concept store, which is fancy marketing words for it’s a hodge-podge of really cool items in the shop. It carries natural hair and skin care products, as well as new and vintage clothing, ranging from cheap to expensive by national and international designers.

It has an airy, French feel, which could literally be because I’m influenced by the store’s French name.

Andf you get a bit exhausted from the shopping and need a fresh-squeezed juice, or a burst of caffeine or perhaps a muffin, then you can go next door to the Cafe Rue Dix, where they bake all the pastries on the premise, along with a full Senegalese-Franco breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

If you go by the shop, wish them a happy two-year anniversary.

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