“On The 1st Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me…” For the next 12 days leading up to Christmas, BK Reader will highlight 12 local business across Central and East Brooklyn that are great for holiday shopping!



You "stole`' my heart
You “stole`’ my heart

So the holiday season is here, and after months of insanity, deaths, hatred and general weirdness, the love of the holiday season is a welcome respite from all that left a bad taste in our mouths.

Shopping local is still the buzzword this year, and though Cyber Monday is clearly the opportunity to order gifts from halfway across the country or from, ya know– China– the holiday season is still a great opportunity to support local businesses, while also picking up unique gifts for friends and family.

Brooklyn is alive this time of the year, with houses and apartment buildings dressed up, major arteries sporting christmas decorations, while the spirit in the air is both crispy and exciting.

Here’s a great place to do some holiday shopping and do it locally, while supporting local businesses and keeping money in your community.

1 Of A Find Vintage & Home

619 Vanderbilt Avenue, Vintage-633 Vanderbilt Avenue, (Crown Heights)

If you have that classic person in your life, and thinking about getting them a gift card to Banana Republic, then, as  O.T. Genesis says “you need to cut it” and get something they would really appreciate.

Yup, that means no H&M or Uniqlo either. Style never goes out of fashion, though fashion often goes out of style, so with that in mind, hit up both of these places to snag clothes and jewelry for her, as well as fantastic pieces for your home at the location right down the street.

For your “classic man” as Jidena would say, the men’s clothing is available through private transaction only. Honey, the proprietor of both locations, does a good job of curating both stores, so if you go in to holiday shop, don’t forget to holler at Honey.

Vintage and classic pieces can put a run on your pockets, so don’t forget to check out their Instagram Page, for less expensive items that you can put on hold by typing “dibs ” in the comments under the image.

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