Thanksgiving is here, and we all know what that means? Well, actually it means a plethora of things, with the most important being how the holiday is cruxed on the systematic murder, annihilation and exploitation of the American Indian, pretty much relegating this entire country to stolen land status. But outside of that, it’s some really fun things happening during Turkey Day weekend!

And speaking of turkey, President Obama will pardon his last wild bird this week, which surely is not lost on the turkey community, as they shed a tear like everybody else, that the black guy, and his lovely, smart and scandal free family are returning to civilian life. I highly doubt that Donald Trump will continue this tradition, perhaps starting his own warm and loving, Thanksgiving tradition, of separating families with holiday deportations and denying access to people at our nation’s airports.

It will be opportune time for you to avoid the pervy uncle or aunty, have your family complain about that “healthy” dish you brought to the dinner and have your favorite Hotep cousin spout off about politics, even though he won’t vote. After all of that, you will need some places to shake it off, especially if your brother in-law talked you into hitting up a Black Friday sale, where you saw such ugly, animalistic and rude behavior, you thought a Donald Trump rally was finna break out at any minute.

So without any further ado, here’s some Brooklyn events to help suspend your disbelief in errrrthing right now, and simply enjoy good music, art, culture, drinks and people.

Happy Birthday Bruh
Happy Birthday Bruh

BLENDID, Bed-Vyne Cocktail, 305 Halsey St, 10pm, Free

Blendid is a party put on by the Wonderground sound system, the last Friday of each month at Bed Vyne Cocktail. It’s a very solid and super fun dance party on most iterations, but this Friday, it’s also my man Terry Bethel’s bornday celebration. He’s a Scorpio, which, since I don’t give a hoot about astrology, don’t have any idea of what that means; but apparently it’s a very popular zodiac sign and is sure to bring out the party people. The resident Wonderground DJs of DJ Silence & Internal Affairs, are joined by worldwide fly girl and Brooklyn queen DJ Reborn, for a sureshot night of dancefloor magic and great cocktails.

It's Finna Be Lit at BAM Cafe
It’s Finna Be Lit at BAM Cafe

Akim Funk Budda Hip-Hop Holiday, BAM Cafe, 30 Lafayette Ave. Friday & Saturday (Nov 25th & 26th), Doors 8pm, Free

The Dallas Cowboys will run their record to  10-1, in the Thanksgiving game, against the Washington Redskins. #Facts. Especially since the Redskins highly insensitive team name is a crude reminder of their decimation at the hands of European settlers, and shouldn’t be playing on Thanksgiving anyway. Also, you will have fun at Akim Funk Budda Hip-Hop Holiday. #Facts. It’s a sensory orgy at Bam Cafe this weekend, and to make it even better, it’s free on both days. How about I just give a quote from the Facebook Event Page, which you can reach by clicking here:

“Award winning Akim Funk Buddha (US Japan commission/ National Endowment for the arts, dancer and musician with choreographer Bill T. Jones dance company) returns to BAM caf for two nights of a genre-busting cross-cultural odyssey.
Drawing from his research travels to Thailand, Bali, Japan and Zimbabwe, Akim performs cultural alchemy with different flavors from martial arts and urban body balancing to Mongolian throat singing and Balinese dance. Come early. The shows are FREE and the house is always packed!”

Spend your loot with people you actually like
Spend your loot with people you actually like

Black Friday Blackout Festival, Arrogant Swine, 173 Morgan, Nov 25th 3pm-4am, Nov 26th 1pm-4am, Free with can of food (Bushwick)

It’s a few, two days situations going down this week, and this is one of the more activist driven, of those two day situations. Not super activist, like a protest march or setting things on fire, but a clear realization that America is rather screwed right now and that the rampant consumerism, exemplified by Black Friday, is part of the problem. So Goldmine, a talent management and event production company has put together a two day festival of live music, local vendors, a hot wings eating contest and much more, and will donate all those can goods to a local charity.

Check out this track Continya, from GypjaQ & Anvkai, who will be performing live at Black Friday Blackout Festival. Kinda been listening to it all day!

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