Jean Alerte, owner of Brooklyn Swirl, will be closing his frozen yogurt parlor for the winter months
Jean Alerte, owner of Brooklyn Swirl, will be closing his frozen yogurt parlor for the winter months

On Monday, October 31, Jean Alerte, owner of the popular frozen yogurt parlor in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Swirl, was locking the store’s doors and pulling down the gates for the final time this year.

Since the store’s debut in June 2012, Brooklyn Swirl, located at 445 Marcus Garvey Blvd., has opened every single day (yes, seven days a week) without fail, bringing the community natural and organic frozen yogurt, crepes and other delicious light fare.

But Alerte has decided, it’s time for a change– mostly, because a lot has changed for him!

Jean Alerte, owner of Brooklyn Swirl, pulls down the store’s gate for the final time this year.

“The reason why is because I had a baby this year, and it changed my focus a little. In the prior years– even though winter was slow– I was able to sit here and just wait for people to come,” said Alerte.

“And now that I’m teaching, I decided to listen to my patrons who keep telling me to ‘become seasonal,’ I decided to just listen to them and just spend more time with my family.”

But no worries, said Alert. The store will reopen March 4, 2017!

And to build the anticipation, Alerte has promised some new items for patrons to look forward to when the store resumes business, including new frozen yogurt flavors and a custom-made brand of gelato. Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, including the addition of kale.

“But we’re still open for birthday party rentals,” said Alerte. Packages start at $425, three-rentals with 30 yogurts or 30 smoothies.

If you’d like to book an event at Brooklyn Swirl during the winter months, email: or visit the website here.


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    1. Thanks brother! I want to spend more time with the family. The winter time is perfect & it’s the norm for frozen treat businesses. I’ll stop by soon to check you guys.

  1. Love this place. Thanks for being a haven for teens. My son used to hang out there with his classmates from Loughlin. When he told me the name, I thought it was “adult fun” until I visited. Good yogurt too. Please make sure you come back!! You’re a community staple. Enjoy your winter!

    1. Hey Simone thank you for your kind words! We wanted it to be a place where the kids & adults could both enjoy themselves. I promise we shall open back up in the spring. We are also open for private events.

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