The Halloween weekend is upon us and since it falls on a Monday this year, it’s going to be a five day merry go round of pimps, naughty nurses, Donald & Hilary, Prince, David Bowie, Beyonce and Pokemon.

Halloween costumes are always dominated by what dominates the news and our Facebook timelines, which is nearly one in the same in 2016. If you go hard in the paint and celebrate on multiple days, I would suggest you rock multiple costumes– that’s unless your costume is fleeking lit and inventive, in which case you could get away with a few repeats. (Even then, consider washing it as nobody wants to party with a smelly Rihanna)

Whether you dress up or not, there are tons of events in Brooklyn to celebrate this Halloween, though most are on the weekend. In case you have the stamina, I’ve included an event that’s actually on Halloween day, but it’s a good chance that you’ll be exhausted by then and repulsed by the sight of another pirate or any member of the Suicide Squad.

And just remember, if you go as Simone Biles, please don’t attempt any gymnastics after doing multiple shots, because it will probably end badly and will be difficult to explain on Monday morning around the water cooler.

Crawl in your costume
Crawl in your costume

Fun-O-Ween Bar Crawl, Various Locations, Saturday October 29th, 3pm-9pm

Sometimes you just gotta crawl it out! On Saturday, it’s a fun and early bar crawl that’s visiting four bars and lounges and doing it mob deep! The theme is Villains and Heroes, so you have a wide variety of costumes to choose from! Groups are always fun and if you get too drunk and need some help, perhaps Luke Cage can give you some assistance! This is from the event page

Dress: Villain or Hero Attire
FREE to participate
FREE mood color changing fwf cups

*ALL we ask is that you patronize the bars (support!), bring your FRIENDS & FUN vibes as always!

Bar 1

Sweet Brooklyn Bar
3pm – 5pm
W/ @GeniusInHD
608 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216

Bar 2

Vodou Bar
5pm – 7pm
W/ DjMiss Milan
95 Halsey St Brooklyn, NY 11216

Bar 3

Ode to Babel
7pm – 9pm
W/ ErnzWorld Eastwood DJ ERNZ
772 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Bar 4

Bleachers Sports Bar & Grill
9pm – 11pm
W/ Jemel Added Rankin
240 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

All the establishments are black-owned and -operated, so the crawl is a fun way to support them.

Cinema Cinema Cinema
Cinema Cinema Cinema

Crown Heights Film Festival, 5 Myles Gallery, 558 St. Johns Place, Fri & Sat (28th/29th), 7pm, Free (Crown Heights)

Just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean you have to give up on culture! The Crown Heights Film Festival (CHFF) brings exceptional local and international short films to Central Brooklyn audiences. The festival showcases a curated selection of short films: narratives, animation, documentaries and cross-disciplinary/experimental films. Its mission is to provide a voice and opportunities for filmmakers in short form, to foster cross-arts collaboration, and to provide a social forum for filmmakers, Central Brooklyn residents, and the wider arts community.

Check out their website for more info about the films and the festival itself. None of the films are over 20 minutes in length. So although the lineup is pretty long, the day will play out pretty fast. FYI, I’ve heard that the short Broken Pencils is good and it’s showing on Saturday.

It's not a castle...
It’s not a castle…

Halloween House Party At The Castle, 201 Hancock St, Free (bring a bottle), Saturday, Oct 29th (Bed-Stuy)

So this isn’t actually in a castle. You will not see Jon Snow, because it’s not Castle Black. Actually, it’s Halloween so you very well may see Jon Snow and probably Daenerys Targaryen , though I doubt there will be dragons. I don’t believe in dragons, though I do believe you will have a ball at this house party that takes over the full brownstone with live music, dancing, treats, Hookahs, a back garden with hammocks and everything fun that you want on Halloween…but without the overpriced cover charge.

Go to the event page to feel the love. Costumes are not required, but definitely bring a bottle to share. It’s in the heart of Bed-Stuy, so if you live in that hood, you can simply float home after a super fun evening. Or get an Uber, which has that anywhere in Brooklyn for $8 special, til the end of the year. Just don’t drink and drive, because if I see you stumbling and getting behind the wheel, I will definitely stop you!

Haaaaaa...this is quite the deal
Haaaaaa…this is quite the deal

Secret Loft Show (Comedy Dance Party), Secret Address, Friday, Oct 28th, 8:30pm-Midnite, $5-$10

This event has been getting some love around town, so I figured Halloween weekend is the perfect time to check it out, when you can go in costume and ramp up the fun! Timeout NY recently named it the #1 coolest secret thing to do In NYC ( at Secret Loft! They have an amazing line-up, free pizza, cheap drinks, and a killer DJ. You literally can’t go wrong. The first fifty tickets are free (it was free across the board until the demand grew), but it’s such the bargain for the price.

You gotta get tickets by going here, and check out the lineup of comics, which is pretty sick, with talent from Comedy Network, Tonight Show, MTV and VH1. Don’t be a foolish ghoul, go grab some tickets and laugh your arse off. I really think you should go in costume though!


Gala Of The Gone, House Of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Avenue, Monday, October 31st, 9pm-3am, Free b4 10pm ($15 after) (Bushwick)

So if you haven’t been to House Of Yes, then you’re missing out on an experience! You can rectify that on Halloween night this year. This is a great event to hit on Halloween Day, after a weekend full of pre-events. It’s a full on situation and I’ll just post this excerpt from the Facebook event page:

On this night, the veils are thinnest and the spirits are near. Channels are open, perceptions are clear and we are ready to receive the thick breath of life and death and touch the thread that exists between the two. Light the candles, burn the fires. Revitalize. Rejuvenate. Celebrate.

Lets us dance in honor of our spirit, our mortality. Light the candles, burn the fires. Adorn yourself for the pleasures of vanity, wear your finest costumes to ward off ghosts of malintent. Dance for those who have passed and for those who are yet to come. They are with us tonight and so are you- Join us in this sacred night for the Gala of the Gone.

Libations & Lounges
Passed Hors D’oeuvres before 11pm
Fruit offerings for the sweetness of life
Ouija Boards & Performance Seance
Massages & Candles
Alters of Art for the ones we have loved and lost.
Bring your intentions and messages.
Mediums of all mediums
Tarot Readings

It’s multiple rooms, DJs and just a bunch of stuff. If you want a ticket, go here.

So those are my selections for this Halloween. Now get out there and tear up the town with fun while dressed like a Hobbit! You deserve that; it’s been a rough year. Also, keep in mind that dressing up as Donald Trump, doesn’t mean you have to act like Donald Trump, so please, no grabbing anybody by the…!

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