The results are in from yesterday’s state primary elections, where residents voted for state senators, assemblymembers and judicial delegates for the next two years:

In Central and East Brooklyn, here’s who won:

In the State Senate:

25th Senate District

Velmanette Montgomery, 10,006 votes (65.611%)

Michael Cox, 4,471 votes (29.32%)

19th Senate District

Roxanne J. Persaud, 9,986 votes (73.83%)

Mercedes Narcisse, 3,160 votes (23.36%)

In the State Assembly:

56th A.D.

Tremaine Wright, 3,679 votes (57.38%)

Karen Cherry, 2,577 votes (40.33%)

42nd A.D.

Rodneyse Bichotte, 2,352 votes  (73.82%)

Victor Jordan, 617 votes  (26.17%)

55th A.D.

Latrice Walker, 4,153 votes (72.58%)

Darlene Mealy, 1,420 votes (24.82$)

Judicial Delegates

43rd A.D.

Diana Richardson, 2,896 votes (10.88%)

Una T. Clarke, 2,529 (9.5%)

56th A.D.

(Unreported yet)

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