By Makena Hannam

Makena Hannam
Makena Hannam

My name is Makena, I am 8 and a half years old. I live in Queens, there are lots of sounds in Queens. A few examples of these sounds are traffic, screaming, cops, alarms, footsteps, cars beeping, door bells, school bells, crying, people talking, people arguing, car crashes, and kids playing.

There are a lot of sights in Queens, like museums, libraries, signs, plants, stores, McDonald’s, restaurants, kids jumping rope, animals, and toys. There are also many taste in Queens, like popcorn, fries, hot chocolate, macaroni and cheese, icy’s, smoothies, waffles, pancakes, and apples.

The smells of Queens include the ocean, restaurants, garbage, hot dogs, chicken, and smoke. The weather of Queens is hot. It’s mostly hot when it looks like its going to rain. The rain happens at night and in the evenings. When it’s not raining you can go to the beach.

People’s hairstyles are braids, long hair, and pony tails. Another style of Queens is you can wear pajamas to school on pajama day. We also wear all types of dresses, puffy dresses, long dresses, and school dresses too. People want to look very good in Queens, especially my sister. It’s the best people that paint their nails, wear jewelry, makeup and even earrings.

I love my community! You could come here too!

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