By Maurice Morgan

Maurice Morgan

My name is Maurice Morgan and I am 10 years old. I am from Brooklyn, NY.

Three things I see in Brooklyn are 99 cent stores, kids jump roping, a lot of traffic.

What I smell in Brooklyn is the ocean, chicken, mash potatoes, fish and shrimp. That is what i smell.

The weather I mostly experience in Brooklyn are the four seasons- summer, fall, winter, spring. Brooklyn is a good place for people who like to experience all four seasons. That’s what we experience in Brooklyn.

What i hear in Brooklyn are cars, conversations, music, police sirens, barking, cats, fire trucks. That is what I hear in Brooklyn.

The diversity in Brooklyn can be seen from different clothes, hair, shoes and cultures. The diversity in Brooklyn is the best part about it.So that is the diversity in Brooklyn.

What I taste in Brooklyn is BBQ chicken, squid, cheese, biscuits.

I love my community. My community is Brooklyn, and Brooklyn loves me too.


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