By Alani Vazquez

Alani Vazquez

My name is Alani Vazquez. I was born in BROOKLYN. I’m 10 years old.

If  you want to know how Brooklyn smells, here are some examples: Brooklyn smells like garbage. Here are some good smells and some bad smells: cotton candy, funnel cake, pizza, fried chicken and smoke.

If you want to know what Brooklyn food taste like, here are some examples: pizza, fried chicken, fish, mac & cheese, West Indian food, chopped cheese burgers, halal food, Chinese food, salad.

Here are some of the sounds of Brooklyn : cars honking, police sirens, kids laughing and playing, music, chanting, people talking loud.

Here are some things that you would see in Brooklyn : garbage, dog-poop, rats, smoke, fire hydramts, parks, cars/ police cars, graffiti, corner stores, liquor stores.

If  you want to know how the weather is in Brooklyn, here are some examples: fall, winter, spring, summer and up and down weather.

If  you want to know what people in Brooklyn wear and look like and what their race is / religion here are some examples: Muslim, Jewish, whites, blacks, Latinas & Latinos. Some people have locks, bald, long hair, short hair, braids. Some people wear African clothes, jeans, leggings, shorts and dresses.

I love my borough, and if you want to come to Brooklyn you’re prepared.


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