By Imani Haynes

Imani Haynes
Imani Haynes

My name is Imani Haynes. I live in Brooklyn. I’m 11 years old.

Brooklyn has amazing sights. The things that you are mostly going to see are people in parks playing sports and having fun. You can also see a lot of people showing their talents, for example, singing and dancing to music in the streets.

Mainly the things you can taste in Brooklyn are delicious, for example: pizza, maccaroni, fried chicken and burgers are so good. So since I’ve explained how good food is here, if you come you already know what to get.

According to my experience, I think you will hear all types of sounds in Brooklyn, such as ,cars honking, bells, different types of music and television.

In Brooklyn, you can smell a lot of things. For example, you can smell gasoline from the cars/trucks, halal food trucks, and pizza shops. You can also smell plenty of other things in Brooklyn.

The weather in Brooklyn is beautiful. I say that because in New York we get to have seasons, such as winter, summer, spring and fall. The weather changes and sometimes its good for me and sometimes bad for me like when it rains and I see thunder, I’M OUT.

People in Brooklyn look different than each other, like people wear dashikis, Rasta hats and other types of clothing and accessories. That’s what i see people wear in Brooklyn.

In conclusion, these are the things I think of about Brooklyn. Also, I hoped you enjoyed my small essay about how Brooklyn is.

However, it’s also about how Brooklyn is a great community to live in.


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