guns, trade, brooklyn, buyback, NYPD
guns, trade, brooklyn, buyback, NYPD

“Money for guns, no questions asked,” was the message at the Brooklyn Gun Buyback this past Saturday at Clarendon Road Church in Flatbush. Hosted by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD, the goal of the day-long event was simple: to get as many guns as possible off the street in one fell swoop, sources say.

“Saturday’s Gun Buyback is one component of our efforts to rid Brooklyn’s streets of illegal firearms,” said DA Ken Thompson. “With law enforcement and community working together, we make our communities safer.” 

By the end of the day, the buyback had done just that: 59 firearms — from revolvers to rifles — lay tagged on church tables, never to reach the hands of criminals. The guns had been exchanged for bank cards: $200 for handguns and assault rifles, and $25 for rifles and shotguns. Five of the handguns turned in had previously been defaced.

Saturday was the latest in gun buyback events hosted by local DA’s offices and the NYPD that have taken in about 10,000 guns citywide since 2008.

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