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BRIC TV, Brooklyn, brooklyn media, fall lineup, BRIC, BRIC media

On Monday, October 3, 2016, BRIC TV will capitalize on the success of their first year of broadcasting by debuting another batch of fall programming. The community driven media channel enjoyed 9 New York Emmy Award nominations and a whopping 1.5 million digital views during their first year. BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media organization.

Executive Producer Aziz Isham describes BRIC TV as a “parallel universe” in television, where a community organization employs the tools of a major network in order to create mission-driven content.

BRIC TV presents original, award-winning local news and investigative journalism, while premiering live music and event coverage. The fall 2016 lineup includes returning favorites and a few choice new series, all centered around important discourse about issues that effect the average Brooklyn local.

Returning series include:

  • “The Show about the Show” (Mondays at 10pm): award-winning director Caveh Zahedi’s (The Sheik and I, Confessions of a Sex Addict) hilarious self-referential meta-series about a Brooklyn filmmaker trying to make a TV show. Co-starring Alex Karpovsky, Eléonore Hendricks, Dustin Defa and a who’s-who of artists from Brooklyn’s independent filmmaking community, the show tells the story of everything that can—and does—go wrong as Caveh tries to get a television series funded, produced and distributed.
  • “#BHeard Town Hall” (Seasonal special): BRIC TV hosts local politicians, activists, journalists and community members to unpack some of the most important—and most difficult— issues facing the borough. No topic is off-limits, and no viewpoint is ignored. The next Town Hall, on October 5, focuses on innovations around policing. On December 1, the subject will be school segregation. “B-Side” (Thursdays at 8pm):A live, in-studio music series, featuring performances from emerging and established musicians. “B-Side” is open to the public; audiences are welcome to come sit in the studio and get lost in the sound. B-side will also be produced as a bi-weekly podcast under the BRIC Radio initiative.
  • “BK Live” (Mondays-Thursdays at noon):From compelling coverage of local issues to compellingly delicious local cocktails, BK Live enters its fourth season, bringing you the best in Brooklyn news, arts, events, sports, and more (like those cocktails). Live in our BRIC House studio, our eclectic team of hosts interviews a broad range of prominent and emerging players in the borough, and then we head out to bring you the stories that capture the energy and complexity of Brooklyn today.
  • “Brooklyn Made” (Mondays-Thursdays at noon): A spotlight for the makers, builders, designers and artists who are makingBrooklyn one of the most creative places in the world. This daily series airs within episodes of “BK Live.”
  • “BK Stories” (Mondays at 1pm): A weekly showcase for short films from the borough’s best filmmakers. Subjects include the founder of a secret museum near the Navy Yard, an excommunicated Hasid adjusting to his new life and goats that patrol Prospect Park.
  • “Straight Up”:A Brooklyn-style spin on the classic reporter roundtable. Local journalists, hanging out a Bedford Hall bar, swap stories from the streets and give their take on news coverage or domestic and international events. Straight Up will also be produced as a bi-weekly podcast under the BRIC Radio initiative.

To learn more about the exciting projects and programs offered through BRIC, check out


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