bedstuy, brooklyn, hit and run, Kat sillivan
bedstuy, brooklyn, hit and run, Kat sillivan, Bed-stuy

A Bed-Stuy woman and her trusted canine companion were victims of a brutal hit-and-run incident on August 5, that has left the community with a lot of unanswered questions. According to a recent report, the woman and her dog were mowed less than two blocks away from their Bedford-Stuyvesant home. The woman, Kat Sullivan, survived the shocking incident however her dog, Andy, died from injuries that he sustained during the collision.

He was so happy, and he was healthy, and he was 5 years old and its so awful that hes not here anymore, Kat Sullivan told reporters from CBS New York.

The violent hit and run occurred at the intersection of Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Hart Street in Bed-stuy.  Based on statements from witnesses and Sullivan, she took a step off the curb when the light turned to give her permission to cross the street.  After taking three steps into the intersection, the driver blasted through the intersection, striking Sullivan and her beloved pet. Sullivan sustained road rash burns all over her body and an injury to her foot.

The New York Police Department is actively investigating the crime and to their advantage, some Bed-stuy witnesses to the crime were able to capture the license plate number which is aiding investigators in their quest. Sullivan explained that her beloved dog was a Schipperke-Pomeranian mix she had dutifully rescued years ago.  The companionship encouraged her to abandon the safety of a corporate job to open her own dog walking business, aptly named Kat & Andy.

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