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A Manual for Urban Projection (MUP)

Kickstarter, a well-known startup company that set the standard in crowd funding, is planning a huge interactive festival in Fort Greene Park on July 30 that offers a hands-on experience. Unlike most summer festivals in New York City, Kickstarterfest is a free event that features the work of Brooklyn-based creators who took initiative and got their campaigns funded through the Kickstarter website.  According to a recent report, the event will allow Brooklynites to see, touch, and taste the products that have come from successful Kickstarter campaigns.

“We just want people to see the awesome things that creative people have brought to life with the help of the community, and to have a chance to experience them in real life,” said Margaret Raimondi, a coordinator with Kickstarter.

Apart from showcasing the hard work that local creators put into their campaign, the festival also hopes to serve as an inspiring look at what an individual or group can accomplish with careful planning and the imaginative use of technology.  A Manual for Urban Projection (MUP), one of the campaigns to be featured, was centered on helping people project images in public places, creating recipes for urban projection.

In the fashion of larger than life ideas, this dynamic festival will feature an “Escape the Tent” challenge, a “life-size” version of the popular card game Exploding Kittens and individual exhibits that feature the some amazing Kickstarter stories from local creators. Attendees will also enjoy a performance by hip=hop artist Fashawn, an entrancing light installation from local companies Splyt Light and Hybycozo, and to complete the festival feel, there will be food from a plethora of food trucks like the Cinnamon Snail and Brooklyn Soda Works.

For more information, please visit this link.

Kickstarter Summer Festival at Fort Greene Park [Washington Park between Myrtle and Dekalb avenues in Fort Greene,  July 30, 5–11 pm  Free. 

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