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Last week, the Brooklyn City Council made a firm decision on whether or not to approve two controversial street co-namings that had caused tension among community members. According to a recent report, the city council members unanimously voted to approve the street names, which were named after former council staffer Hope Reichbach and a businessman named Cecil Collymore.

“Historically the sentiment has been that this is something that should be reserved for people who are truly outstanding,” said Rob Perris, district manager of the community board.

Back in October, Community Board 2 members decided to abstain for voting on naming part of Putnam Avenue after Cecil Collymore, stating that they needed more information about his accomplishments within the Brooklyn community.  That decision caused a rift in the community when board members also voted to approve naming a street after Reichbach, a former aide and daughter of a judge who died from a prescription drug overdose in 2011.

Cecil Collymore died in his 70s after investing in the Brooklyn area for decades and his daughter, Renee Collymore, made a hearty effort to ensure that his street naming was given equal consideration.  In support of her cause, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams argued on their behalf, recognizing Collymore as a local leader.


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