Delrawn Small, NYC lawsuit, wrongful death suit, off duty cop shooting, road rage
Delrawn Small, NYC lawsuit, wrongful death suit, off duty cop shooting, road rage

In what is being labeled as an extreme case of road rage, a Brooklyn man named Delrawn Small lost his life after being gunned down July 4 by an off-duty New York Police Officer named Wayne Isaacs.  While original reports stated that the two men had begun to fight at the scene, a nearby surveillance video showed that Small was shot within seconds of approaching the driver’s side window of the cop’s car in East New York, right at the beginning of the confrontation.

According to a recent report, Delrawn Small’s wife, Wenona Hauser Small, has taken steps to file a wrongful death suit against New York City for $25 million.

“He committed cold-blooded murder,” Small told the New York Daily News.  “It was disgusting. He just shot him dead with no justification,”

In the notice Small filed with the city comptroller’s office this past Wednesday, she alleges that Isaacs acted “negligently and recklessly,” violating her husband’s civil rights.

Although the officer was stripped of his badge and gun days after the incident occurred and the video was released, no formal charges have been filed against the officer.  State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office is currently reviewing the case after being supplied with the video evidence in order to make an educated decision.  Isaacs previously told investigators that Small had engaged him in a fight, punching him at least two times as he sat in his vehicle before he opened fire.

“The video is as clear as day. That everything they told us from the very beginning was a lie. Was a lie,” Small’s brother Victor Dempsey said.

While residents applauded the New York Police Department for revoking the officer’s credentials, Small’s family members are expressing outrage, with a substantial amount of support from Brooklyn community members.

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