Unity in the Community, senator jesse hamilton, crown heights

Over the last week, evidence of questionable police activity throughout the nation has created a dialogue that is pushing many citizens towards action.  In an effort to facilitate a peaceful demonstration of these frustrations and to bring unity to those who feel compelled to fight for change, New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton and The United Against Violence TaskForce are holding a Unity for the Community walk on Tuesday evening.

Apart from calling for peace and progressive efforts towards repairing the relationship between citizens and the officers that police the population, Senator Hamilton also called for a sincere sense of hope.

“What we must not do, what I demand we collectively reject: the temptation to give in to anger, desolation, and despair,” said Senator Jesse Hamilton.

Joined by educated and experienced leaders, Hamilton plans to host the walk on July 12, at 6:00 p.m.  The walk will begin at 77th Precinct, 127 Utica Ave (Btw St. Marks Ave and  Bergen St), Brooklyn, NY and will finish at Lincoln Terrace Park (Rochester Ave and Eastern Pkwy), Brooklyn, NY.

You can RSVP for the Unity in the Community walk by clicking this link.

Unity in the Community, senator jesse hamilton, crown heights

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