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Painting By Harriet Faith. Quote From Rumi.
Painting By Harriet Faith. Quote From Rumi.


I had some difficulty choosing a quote this week. There were three that were vying for my attention.

One was “Shoot For The Moon. Even If You Miss, You’ll Land Among The Stars.” That’s from Les Brown, one of my favorite motivational guys, and one of the originals out there.
(One source attributed this quote to Norman Vincent Peale, but I had always heard it was Les, so I’m stickin’ with that attribute.)
As you can see I didn’t choose that one, but I mention it because it may explain the stars and the fact that this little lamb is more of a Space Lamb. I do feel that I overdid the stars a little, even for the Les Brown quote.

At any rate, Les’s quote wasn’t quite feeling right. I browsed some of my favorite collections and this quote from Rumi just called out to me. I also confess, I had to leave out the middle sentence to make it flow visually.  The entire quote is, “Don’t Be Satisfied With Stories, How Things Go With Others. Unfold Your Own Myth.”

It seemed perfect! That is CLEARLY what the Space Lamb wants you to know.

Creating your own myth is pretty epic, and the big, infinite universe is a perfect backdrop to whatever you can come up with.
Could it get more inspiring than that, than an infinite space to play and create and tell stories? I think not!
And really, now more than ever, we need everyone to truly find themselves, to find their role in the epic story that we are creating together on planet Earth, and it starts by letting your own myth unfold, naturally and authentically.
Because if everyone is doing that, all our stories will meet and intersect at all the right spots, creating what I believe will be a happy healthy place for all of us.

Okay? I hope this week finds you having truly epic adventures that expand your sense of yourself and your life! Space Lamb will be looking for you out there!

xo Harriet

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