Written By Helen Stephens

My 20s were not at all consumed by a desire for babies. While other women my age were overwhelmed with baby fever and contemplating the names of their future children, I wasnt even sure if I wanted kids. I considered the possibility of starting a family, but figured if I wanted kids, I had plenty of time. The beauty of youth is that you truly believe youre invincible. You live with almost unwavering certainty that tomorrow is promised. You believe that all your plans for life will pan out the way you expect. I was no exception. I hadnt considered that my body being at war with the fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis that were wreaking havoc on my reproductive system might mean I didnt have nearly as much time as I thought.”

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Chanel Alli

Chanel is a dynamic standup comic and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her commanding writing style and story-teller style allow her to cover a plethora of topics with a unique flare.

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