By My Side Birth Support Program Doulas

Written By Shalay L, Brooklyn

When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter I knew I didn’t want to have what has become a traditional birth in this country. Hospitals have always made me uncomfortable & none of them were offering the type of birth experience I wanted to have. When I found the Brooklyn Birthing Center & Midwifery Group I knew it was the right place for me, I was immediately impressed and felt comfortable.

By My Side Birth Support Program Doulas

During orientation the midwives recommended finding a doula & my nurse-family partnership nurse did as well, giving me contact info for the groups she had experience with. I didn’t qualify for free assistance from the first organization recommended and knew I most likely wouldn’t be able to have a doula if I had to pay.

I began to worry a little bit but then I contacted By My Side and felt that same comfort and support I felt at the Center. The doula I was assigned was a perfect match. She was comfortable with and supportive of the birth plan we decided on, gave great advice on how to improve it to increase successfulness and was a great listener. Originally I had decided it would be just me, my boyfriend, my doula and the midwives in the delivery room but when I went into labor I didn’t want my mother to leave my side. Alexandra had no problem adjusting to the last minute change and was able to work cohesively with my mom to keep me as calm and comfortable as possible. I appreciated that very much!

Having a doula helped me to feel even more supported and grounded at a time when it’s easy to lose your voice as well as your sense of reality and forget what you’re working so hard for. Now that I’m preparing to have my second child I’d love to have Alexandra By My Side once again!

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