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Art By Harriet Faith. Quote From Chuck Close.

Y’know, when I used to post these every week? I sure do! I have been doing a lot more other kinds of work, and I have been showing that work which has been awesome! (including some of this hand lettering project!) …. and, I have been working out a rhythm of some sort where I can produce this project again more regularly.

I keep telling myself…”It’s possible!” So here is my sort-of-promise to you. I’m going to get back to once a week with these posts. Is that okay? Do you want that? Hint, hint: it would be SOOO nice to hear from you to know you are continuing to enjoy these little missives! Please let me know by commenting below!

Now, please continue below to enjoy a little commentary about this very motivating quote! 🙂

“Inspiration Is For Amateurs. The Rest Of Us Just Show Up And Get To Work.”
Chuck Close

Art By Harriet Faith. Quote From Chuck Close.

This quote is attributed to the painter Chuck Close.

Close is know for massively large scale portraits. Lots of them!

Judging by his productivity, he is pretty much a poster child for showing up and getting to work! Did you know that he also had an arterial collapse in his spine that left him paralyzed and permanently wheel chair-bound in 1988.

That’s almost 30 years ago, and he’s still painting! Now, I have heard this particular sentiment expressed by various people, in various ways. I have also learned the true meaning of it through my own experiences. Inspiration is “nice.” But you can sit at home waiting for inspiration and even if it “arrives” you can continue making all kinds of excuses that keep you from just getting up, showing up and getting on with it. There just really is no substitute for work.

And if you have a particular mission, ESPECIALLY if you have a particular mission…… if there is something that you reeaallyy want to do….something that you reeaallyy want to see happen in the world…….then the truth is, your best approach is to just start working on it!

Dang the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!
Make mistakes! (yes you’re gonna!) …..
Make lots of ’em. Big ones.

Just keep working!

Okay? Okay!

Have a VERY productive week!

xo Harriet

Harriet Faith

Harriet Faith is an artist, illustrator, writer, inspiring speaker, a dedicated animal advocate and a transformational photographer and creative business coach for artists and entrepreneurs. She is thrilled...

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