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If you LOVE Brooklyn and know the juicy stories that can only come from the shenanigans of NYC – please support this project! This story involves all of YOU and MUST BE TOLD!

Sybarite Productions, Inc. 501c3 is seeking funding for the Filming of a Scripted Pilot! We are looking to find a network home for our narrative script concept, Mind F*ck, and in order to do that we need funding to film the Pilot. The Pilot would as well be made into three, 10 min. episodes that will be immediately placed in digital format for viewership. This Pilot that we are creating with YOUR help will build a following and increase momentum and attractiveness to digital and traditional networks!!!

If you’re a fan of Sybarite and all that we do for the community (YAY! and Thank you!) know that your support will go directly towards giving young, striving film makers, writers, directors, producers etc. a great opportunity!

If you’re a fan of ArteRotica and all that it has brought to the community (YAY! and Thank You as well!) know that this series concept incorporates the event and will allow us to not only provide the event for you again (YES!!!!) but as well support the artists that perform at ArteRotica (YEP!!!).

Scenes from the movie

If you haven’t been or seen any of our events (WHAT?!?!?!), please come join us soon! www.sybariteproductions.net and www.arteroticaevents.com.

Our goal is to raise $15k by July 7, 2016 so that we can complete this project by the end of August 2016. I know we can do it with your help and I am confident that the world will benefit from hearing this story.

Below is the synopsis…..and know that it is so much more. It’s a story that we can all relate to, because we all struggle between our impulses and what we are “supposed” to do, and we all struggle in relationships, and we all find different ways of coping. None of us are immune….and yet, portrayed in a humorous light, we are at least left to laugh.

Scenes from the movie

The goal of this story, this series, is to relate to each and every one of our unconscious selves, to make you a little uncomfortable with the raw truth, to make you cry – but to always make you laugh! Joy is the goal to this journey.

“Based on the real event (www.arteroticaevents.com), Mind F*ck is the 30 min, dramedy driven by Anna Denzian – a successful psychologist, who prescribes an unorthodox treatment for her hidden battle with sex addiction.

When Anna has an atypical, intimate encounter on the job, she losses her rewarding practice, gaining a sudden identity crisis. Exiled from Manhattan, Anna configures – via her diverse crew – a foothold into Brooklyn, a city whose trendsetting inhabitants are renowned for exploring society’s uncensored heartbeat and boundless sexuality, midst an age when ‘marriage’ is evolving and increasingly unconventional.

Scenes from the movie

As Anna hustles and networks to rebuild her practice, delving into and balancing the relationships dynamics of these unique, 30-ish New Yorkers, she’s challenged to do the same for herself.

Mind F*ck is the unbridled, “Id” of Sex in the City, flirting with the double life of Dexter, revealing the humorous, raw cohesion of Shameless. We take the viewer on a timely exploration of the human condition, confronting the rules, ethics, morals, templates, and anxiety that “freedom of choice” can create.”

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