Medgar Evers protest, student protest
Medgar Evers protest, student protest

Just as Memorial Day festivities were settling down and students prepared to re-enter school on Tuesday, one group of students at Medgar Evers College Prep decided to stand up for what they believe in.   According to a recent report, students staged a walkout with the intention of protesting a recent proposal that calls for the school to be relocated into a Boys and Girls High School in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

For students who have spent their entire lives learning in their familiar Crown Heights neighborhood, the shift is daunting and unwanted.  In addition to their dissatification over the proposed move, the students were also protesting the recent reassignment of interim principal, Angella Smith. The president of the Parent Teacher Association, Adrian MonDesir, supported the students and spoke to reporters in hopes of enlightening the public about the delicate situation.

“Who comes into a house and takes the mother out or takes the father out without explanation?” MonDesir asks. “We feel disrespected by that.”

As the discussion continues to heat up, the Department of Education has been unsurprisingly quiet in response to the students concerns.  Many of the students parents plan to speak up for their children and their education at the next public hearing in hopes of persuading the DOE to reconsider their proposal.

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  1. It was a horrible mistake to assign the principal to two different schools. Now it is all a mess!

  2. This was a bad idea from the beginning. Boys& Girls has been failing since Mickens was forced out under local political pressure. In addition, local environment plays a major part in H.S. success. MEC students were in a education zone – in close proximity to Medgar Evers College not a lot of bodega like businesses that attract corner boys.
    B&G is in a deadzone of low income housing and corner boy bodegas and a flop house on Atlantic aveneue side. After MEC students spend a year or two at B&G …their grades are going to drop, attendance is going to drop of and then we’ll have two failing schools at B&G H.

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