YMCA, Kevin Parker
YMCA, Kevin Parker

As the warm weather sets in around New York City, citizens from all boroughs are flocking to their local gyms and recreation centers in hopes of getting fit for the summer.  In addition to working out, certain community centers like the YMCA offer dynamic programs for young adults, teens and children.  In hopes of continuing his investment in youth development, New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker presented a check for $200,000 to the Flatbush YMCA of Greater New York on May 26th, 2016. 

The funds were allocated in part by Senator Parker and also in part from Senator Jeff D. Klein, the Senate Independent Democratic Conference leader.  The funding will serve a host of purposes but some of the money will go toward the Flatbush YMCAs Teen Centered Program, while another portion will be used as capital for the Flatbush branch renovation.

It is crucial to have programs and supports in place to prepare our youth for the many opportunities that await them in life. With the uncertainty surrounding the funding for the Citys Summer Youth Employment Program, we are grateful to be able to support community based programs like the Flatbush YMCA, said Senator Parker.

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Although the YMCA has long been recognized for their commitment to serving their members, new advancements in exercise equipment, nutrition tactics, and new activities prompts community leaders to focus on investing in the future. In addition to the health services, the YMCA has helped registered members gain knowledge in college readiness as well.  Through career counseling, college visits and workshops on filling out FAFSA or college application forms, the YMCA has become a pillar for those who want better.

The YMCA has always been a source of empowerment for families in our districts, and I stand eager to support institutions and programs that serve not only the children and families of Flatbush, but all working families across New York State. Senator Parker explained.

The senator’s involvement with this organization is far from new as he has participated in a number of initiatives held by the center and has promoted its programs to his constituents.  With the help of the dedicated staff at the facility, he was even able to host a “Free Flu Shot Days” screening for seniors.

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