This weekend the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn will host the Myrtle Avenue Plaza Construction Zone Tour: Past, Present & Future.  This guided tour allows visitors to travel along Myrtle Avenue while being introduced to the street’s dynamic 175 year history and the possibilities for the future.
Myrtle Ave & Grand Ave_El Train_Source Unknown
The tour takes places on Saturday, May 21 at 11 am when guides will begin their talks, educating vistors all the way up to present day construction of the future Myrtle Avenue Plaza. Attendees will get insider knowledge about four new buildings currently under construction.  The organizers for the event note that the attendees won’t enter real construction sites but they will receive a Myrtle Avenue Hard Hat to commemorate taking the tour.
A Hard Hat Tours on Myrtle Avenue
The tour will begin at 11am on Saturday, May 21st, at Brewklyn Grind (557 Myrtle Avenue) and last 90 minutes.  Registration is required and capacity is limited.  Reserve your spot by clicking here.

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