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Photo Credit: Ozier Muhammad - The NY Times

Springtime is finally showing up on the east coast, inviting families and adventurous New Yorkers to explore their city.  Some popular outdoor destinations around the city are still showing remnants of the tough winter and the effects of the last few hurricane seasons.  According to a recent report, the Prospect Park Alliance has invested $15,000 in herd of goats whose main purpose will be centered on revitalizing patches of the park known as the Vale of Cashmere.

The herd of eight goats are from Rhinebeck, N.Y. and will only be spending the late spring and summer in an enclosure where they can do their best work.  These goats are in the business of eating and according to their owner, Mr. Cihanek, they’re taste buds can help rid the park of unwanted vegetation.

“They are a bit like children.  They will eat their favorite foods first and one of their top foods is poison ivy.  They love it.” Cihanek explained.

In terms of their work load, these goats tend to eat about 20% of their body weight per day, which means they can cover a lot of ground while helping the park in the most natural way.  In addition to their effects on the landscape, their presence creates educational opportunities for locals who want to see them in action.  The president of the Prospect Park Alliance said they are planning educational events for the community.

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