It’s starting to feel a lot like spring, and this weekend in Brooklyn, you have ample opportunities to turn out and turn up. But don’t forget to turn your clock ahead, or spring forward, if you will. Leave your bubble goose in the closet, keep your gloves in the glove compartment and hit the streets to “Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way,” which is the perfect segue to say RIP to Brooklyn’s favorite son, the Notorious B.I.G.

Whatever you do, play it safe, look both ways before crossing and stop looking for love in Uber Pool rides.


March Madness In Brooklyn
March Madness In Brooklyn

Atlantic 10 Championship, Barclay Center, March 9th-March 13th, $25-$110 (Fort Greene)

College basketball is alive and kicking in Brooklyn, as March Madness takes over Barclays Center with the Atlantic 10 Championship Tournament. It ain’t the ACC conference, but it’s a bunch of talented kids who play with the emotion, joy and competitiveness that defines the college basketball game. Expect lots of hustle, tears and good team ball. You can grab tickets by clicking here

HI my name is Joey Fatone
Hi my name is Joey Fatone

Boy Bands Sing-Along, Union Hall, 702 Union Street, $10 (Park Slope)

Do you like boy bands? If you don’t you might not be American and are a Trump supporter. This party is an opportunity for you to channel your inner Justin Timberlake or Bobby Brown, or even your inner Paul McCartney, because remember, they were the original boy band. Why not grab a group of friends and dress up as the boy band, go to the party and sing-along with the tunes….synchronized dance moves are not required. Clicke here for more information and to buy tickets, even if you and you’re friends are one of the “New Kids On The Block”, this is a chance to get out and go from “Boyz To Men”. I couldn’t resist


Vegans Are People Too
Vegans Are People Too

Vegan Pop-Up, Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St, 12pm-6pm, Free

Vegan Shop-Up! on Saturday, March 12th, 12-6pm, at Brooklyns vegan bar, Pine Box Rock Shop. Discover the best vegan, locally made foods and goods at NYCs first all vegan pop-up market! It’s being called NYC first vegan market, though I can’t vouch for that, but it’s a bunch of reasons to hit it up this weekend.

Get ready for Seitan Sandwiches + Chocolates + Kombucha + Chili Cheese Dogs + Donuts + Tempeh Burgers + Raw Nachos + Pretzel Cinnamon Buns + Pizza + Croissants + Cannoli + Artisan Cheeses + Pickles + Pts + Pot Pies + Cannolis + Hot Sauce + Peanut Butter Cups + Macarons + Empanadas + Mac n Cheese + Gluten-Free Sweets + Handbags + Lipsticks + Skin Care + somuchmore!

You can visit the Facebook page by clicking here to get more information, and just to be safe, don’t run up in there with a leather jacket.

Have No Fear, It's Saison Day
Have No Fear, It’s Saison Day

Saison Day, Threes Brewing, 2pm-6pm, Free, 333 Douglas St, (Gowanus)

I just found out that this Saturday is Saison day and I bet you didn’t know either. Luckily for you, since Saison is a beer, Threes Brewing is holding a Saison Day event, in conjunction with Allagash Brewing Company, where you can taste the debut of Allagash Century Ale, sample the product of eight local brewers and have your beer paired with food from Meat Hook, who is in the midst of their kitchen take-over at Threes Brewing. It’s a large, sprawling space that’s beautifully designed and also boasts a terrific backyard space. They also have a full scale production brewery on site, which looks incredible and is the source of some of the wonderful beers they have on tap. When’s the last time you’ve even been to Gowanus? Do you even know where Gowanus is? Well, click here to the the Threes Brewing website and get more information

Whoopie Is More Than The View
Whoopie Is More Than The View

Whoopie Golderg Live, Kings Theater, 1027 Flatbush Avenue, $20-$125, (Flatbush)

Whoopie Goldberg is really dope. She’s won an Emmy, Oscar, Tony and nearly every other mini-statue awarded to actors and she’s also won a Grammy. Needless to say, Whoopie is a winner and she’s bringing her keen and cutting life observations to the stage of Kings Theatre in Flatbush. If you’re only used to seeing her on The View, then this is an excellent chance to see her work the magic on stage as a comic, where she originally made her mark. The renovation of the Kings Theatre is marvelous and is an added treat if you go to the show.

Once one of the original Loews Wonder Theatres, it fell into disarray, but was recently brought back to life with a multi-million dollar renovation. Click here for more information and to get tickets to the show. Even if you don’t make the show, they also have tours of the theater.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Meatball Madness, The Emerson, 561 Myrtle Avenue, 5pm-9pm, Free (Bed-Stuy)

Meatballs are currently all the rage. Meatball this and Meatball that and on Saturday, it’s an actual Meatball contest in Bed Stuy. If you love meatballs and you love beer, then this is an event for you this weekend. For 7 bucks, you get a can of Blue Point beer and 5 meatballs. You also get voting cards with the meatballs, because you know, it’s a contest and all. I’m not sure if you can re-up on the meatballs, but if you make friends with the chefs, perhaps they can bless you with some extra balls under the table. You might discover the next big meatball chef or at least link with the chefs on Facebook and get invited to meatball dinners.

Hustle & Bump It
Hustle & Bump It

Bump & Hustle, Bed Vyne Brew, 370 Tompkins Ave, Free (Bed-Stuy)

This is a super-duper, funky party. It’s all vinyl. It’s dance friendly and it’s got a disco ball. It’s the type of party that is often found in bigger rooms like Verboten or Good Room and usually comes with a door charge, but Bump & Hustle is free and at Bed Vyne Brew. Come to dance and drink the wonderfully curated selections of craft beer, wine and champagne. The DJs are Love Jones & Gee Rock, with special guest Cam-Run from Austrailia. Check them out for a good time and visit the FB event page by clicking here.

Don't Be A Wretch, Go To Sip & Sketch
Don’t Be A Wretch, Go To Sip & Sketch

Sip & Sketch, Brooklyn Public House, 1288 Myrtle Ave 12pm-6pm, free (Bushwick)

Sip & Sketch. Drink & Draw, Puff Puff & Paint…ok, that last one isn’t a thing (I don’t think), but sometimes you need a stimulant to bring out the inner artist in you. Sip & Sketch gives  you an opportunity to sketch a live model, in a fun environment, while sipping on Gin & Juice. They provide pencils and sketch pads and the live model and I’m not sure if the model will be nude, so please put your creepy thoughts away. I hear it might be a rap cypher after the Drink and Draw, but visit the FB event page by clicking here for more information and to ask any questions.


Spring Is In The Air
Spring Is In The Air

Shwick Spring Market, House Of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Avenue, 11am-6pm, Free (Bushwick)

Get a jump on your Spring shopping by hitting up Shwick Spring Market this Sunday. With a superb lineup of vendors, you’re bound to find something amazing. It’s also food vendors so you can feed your face while you’re shopping for clothes, jewelry, toys, art and much more from amazing, local makers. Shwick is free and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, so visit the facebook event page by clicking here to see a partial list of the vendors and if you’re a maker, you can find out how to apply to be a vendor and sell your creations at Shwick.

Also, to get the low down from Dick & Dave (me and Dave Colon), check out our regular segment on BK Live

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