Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Quote From Nikola Tesla.

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Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Quote From Nikola Tesla.

Hi there! I know, I know! We’re a whole month into the new year and I haven’t made any new posts. I usually don’t care for making excuses or even bothering with explanations (unless of course, I’ve been strong-armed into it) 🙂 However I am going to make an exception this time. I’ve been tired… let me explain!

Are you like so many people I know, including myself, for whom the past two years have been intense! I moved about a million times (Practically not exaggerating here!) Mostly because, as I searched for a permanent place to live, I kept going from one temporary situation to another. And there was that one place that was going to be fairly long term but the roommate was so immediately and intolerably insane, that I moved out exactly one week later.

lol. All true!

But, fortunately and miraculously, in the first week of this January, I found my own little apartment, all to myself in my new adorable town. It’s more of a city, but a small city, still in Ulster County and about 3 hours north of NYC.

So, I finally feel like I’m home.

But it’s all caught up with me and I have been TIRED!

Also, in case you didn’t know, I love doing Bikram yoga. That’s the 90 minute yoga class in 105 degree heat. I love it and there is ONE studio in the entire county (that’s “county” – no “r”) and I found it! It’s a five minute bike ride from my new home and without actually planning it in advance, I just decided to do a thirty day challenge. That is usually 30 classes in 30 days, but I had the bright idea to do 36 classes in 30 days. And I am doing it (halfway mark was today, and I’m on schedule with 18 classes under my belt.

But, friend, I have been TIRED!

Okay! So! Now, with that out of the way, we can begin!

Here we have a fantastic quote by the genius Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a physicist, inventor, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer. He emigrated from Serbia and worked for a while for Thomas Edison. He invented, among may other things, the alternating current technology which is used today in modern electricity. (Tesla wanted electricity to be a free resource for everyone, but of course other parties had different plans for it, and so it has become the commodity we have today.)  Still, Tesla was a true visionary and futurist and I just love this simple yet insightful quote from him.

Okay, and here is a surprise test! Just to see if anyone reads my posts. lol. Monday is my birthday! Leave a birthday greeting for me in the comments, if you have read this far! 🙂

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Have a fantastic week!


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