I’m pretty sure you’ve heard by now about the ID-NYC municipal ID program. But, you might be one of those NYC residents that didn’t pay much attention, because you already have a government-issued ID. And besides, you thought, the card is for immigrant New Yorkers.


Well, you’re wrong. The card is for all New York residents. And besides being free, it provides you an added layer of protection of access to venues around the city (except bars), in the event you lose your own ID.

But that’s still not what’s so laudable about ID-NYC… Did you know that for those who signed up by the deadline, they received free one-year memberships to 33 New York City major institutions, including the New York Botanical Garden and the Metropolitan Museum of Art? That’s literally thousands of dollars in savings for one person and the rare opportunity to go on a literal museum-visiting frenzy for 12 consecutive months!

If you’re kicking yourself in the butt by now for not signing up, then stop!

New York Botanical Garden
New York Botanical Garden

The good news is, the city is extending the deadline for enrollment at all 29 of its centers through the end of 2015. Plus, the city has added seven more cultural institutions to that list, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

ID-NYC cardholders also will qualify for discounted tickets and memberships for Citi Bike, the New York City Football Club, the New York Theatre Ballet and Ballet School, Animal Care Centers of New York, the Alliance of Resident Theatres, and Roundabout Theatre Company.


To apply for your ID-NYC and schedule an appointment to pick up, go here. But do it now: You only have two weeks left! The closest location in Central Brooklyn is at the Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center (BMS), located  at 592 Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn (the Digma Room). .

Appointments can be booked by calling 311 or going online here.

Please note that museum memberships start the day you sign up and expire exactly one year later. Reserve una cita aqu.

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