Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna and Jamel Gaines rehearsing for the 6th Annual Stars of New York Dance Competition

On Friday, November 13, at the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts, Stars of New York Dance will open for its 6th annual performance, honoring Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams.

This thrilling dance competition pairs local “stars” in the community with choreographers at local dance companies. Each couple must quickly learn a dance routine and then compete against other couples for prize money they will then donate to an arts organization of their choice.

Check out this exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna and Jamel Gaines of Creative Outlet Dance Theatre as they rehearse for the big night on Friday.

Do you think they will win? Check out other footage of dance rehearsals herehere and here, then attend the Friday’s competition to see if you are right!

To purchase tickets for Stars of New York Dance, go here.

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