The Halloween weekend is upon us, which is the real indicator that autumn is officially in the building. And this year, Brooklyn has an impressive spread of events for you to dress up and turn up, but hopefully not throw up.

Post revelry, the streets are always littered with drunken nurses and cowboys and presidents and superheros and… well, you get the idea. So don’t be a passed-out zombie in a doorway.  Don’t dress up like a cop, urinate in public and get arrested for disorderly conduct, which, ironically, is the only way a cop could ever get arrested in this town. So get out there, don’t be scurrred!

And whether you’re a ghoul, goblin, gangster or girl scout, drink responsibly and enjoy the weekend!


ZOMBIE JAMBOREE, Lot 45, 411 Troutman Street, $15 advance/$20 at door, 8pm-4am (Bushwick)

This party is gonna be super rad. I mean super-duper dope! I’m actually throwing this party and so looking forward to everything about it. The haunted alley, the costume contest, the live bands and DJs, The tarot card readings and Zombie punch! It’s a full night of everything, 8pm-4am, so come prepped to get your creep on. You can grab tickets advance tickets by clicking here or pay at the door. For more info about all the bands and such, visit the Facebook event page, by clicking here.

Zombie Boogie

LIZZIE BORDEN’S PARLOUR, Tarot Society, 4 Charles Pl., $15, Friday Oct 30th, 8pm-Sunday, Nov 1st, 11pm (Bushwick)

This is a total immersion in Halloween, Tarot Society style! What’s it all about? Well, this is a quote directly from their Facebook Event Page “We at TAROT SOCIETY cordially invite you to a delightfully macabre week of events leading up to Halloween, including a one-act play and installation revealing the inner machinations of purported killer from America’s gilded age, the one and only Lizzie Borden!”

They have an insect petting zoo, scaretoon screenings on Halloween morning, with a cereal bar, live music, face painting, photo exhibition, and even a contortionist. Just crazy stuff all weekend, which is the full immersion, Bushwick style.

Killer Halloween Weekend on Deck


Halloween 313 Theatrical, 313 Clinton Avenue, 5pm-9pm, Free (Clinton Hills)

Haunted House on The Hill (of Clinton)

This is a fun for all ages, Halloween fright and is now in its 21st year of scaring kids (and adults), at a Victorian era home in Clinton Hills. It’s a not for profit community group, that does performances throughout the night on Halloween and has garnered a cult following. It’s done in partnership with the Society For Clinton Hills, and coincides with that organization’s annual, Halloween Walk.

It’s an interesting story. This is from their website: “Every year on October 31st, crowds gather in the street in front of 313 Clinton Avenue, home of Janna Kennedy (aka “The Halloween Lady”), for the legendary theatrical extravaganza known as Halloween 313. Now in its 21st year, this free live show for all ages runs continuous performances throughout the evening, drawing an attendance of more than 5,000 neighbors, visitors, and trick-or-treaters (the show coincides with the Society for Clinton Hill’s Annual Halloween Walk).”

Click here, to find out more info

Makossa Pajama Jammy Jam, Berg’n, 899 Bergen St, $8, 8pm-2am (Crown Heights)

You may know Makossa for the super fun, outdoor parties they do in Brooklyn during the summer. Six years running, they’ve created memorable summer situations, with their cookout parties, and this year, they’ve decided to throw a Halloween jam…a Pajama Jammy Jam. I have no idea what to expect, but I do know that

Jammy Jam in Yo Jammies

Makossa usually brings out a good looking audience, who will be in their PJs for this joint, and they also play really good music, with DJs that hit you from all directions, making sure that your body don’t stop moving. You can visit their Facebook Event Page by clicking here and find out some more info about Makossa itself and about this party in particular.

Definitely prepare to dance at this one!

SOUL SLAM (XXIII), Michael Jackson & Prince, Kai Studio, 1011 Dean street (Franklin & Classon), 10pm-4am, $15 pre-sale tix (Crown Heights)

This party, featuring DJ Spinna, is a favorite of many Brooklynites. It’s a serious dance party featuring the music of MJ and Prince, their apostles, off-shoots, remakes and the pantheon of music that is a derivative of either artist. It’s not a costume party, but it is on Halloween, and they’re both music royalty and uber iconic figures, who folks dress up as anyway, on Halloween, which makes it a Halloween party by default. But just be warned that it’s lots of dancing and sweating involved here, so if you go as Michael from Thriller, all the makeup might run off, and you’ll end up as Michael from Off The Wall.

So get out there and have a good, fun, but safe Halloween weekend and don’t be scurrred of things that go “bump” in the night!

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