By Tracey Capers, Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, EVP Programs, Organizational Development

In this series, we are highlighting a handful of local residents who will be running the New York City Marathon!

If you see them on the route, be sure to give them a big hand!

Shalee Richardson, 27

Shalee is a program assistant at Weill Cornell Medicine. Originally from NY, she has lived in Bed-Stuy for nearly two years with her husband and two girls (a four-year-old and a toddler) 

Shalee Richardson and her two daughters
Shalee Richardson and her two daughters

You ran the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration 10K earlier this month.  How was the experience?

This is my second time running the 10K.  Both years I had fun.  Last years race introduced me to a few other runners in the neighborhood.

I like running through Bed Stuy.  I normally run alone, and so its nice to be part of an organized run and have people cheer me on in my own neighborhood.

My children and my family came out from Bed Stuy and Long Island to cheer me on.  My family stations themselves right outside coffee shop my cousin owns, The Corner Grind.  The race goes right passed the coffee shop down Bedford Avenue.

It will be a yearly event for me since its right here. For sure, my daughter will be participating in the kiddie run next year.

Is this your first marathon? 

Yes, this is my first marathon. I ran track in college at Morgan State.  I always wanted to run the marathon. After my second child, I decided it was time.  I am running for Team for Kids, a foundation encouraging health, wellness and physical activity for inner city youth.  The kids have my heart.   My goal was to raise $2620, and I have raised $2914 to be exact.

Why are you running the marathon and why should others run organized races like this one?

Running helps your confidence and morale. There is something about everybody being out there for the same reason. It may not be the same exact goal, but the reason is the same: to accomplish something, whether it is to finish at a faster time, or just to finish.

How did you do in the 10K Race?  Were you happy with your time? What is your goal for marathon?

I finished seventh in my age group. I ran a faster time than last year, so I was happy. Im looking to finish the [NYC Marathon] race in under four hours.

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