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NY State Senators Jesse Hamilton and Martin Dilan and Illinois State Senators Michael Hastings and Napoleon Harris have set the stakes in a friendly wager on the outcome of the ongoing National League Championship Series.

A New York Mets victory over the Chicago Cubs would mean Illinois State Senators would have to wear Mets regalia in the Senate Chamber of the Illinois State Capitol and also send signature hotdogs New York’s way. A Cubs victory would mean New York legislators Hamilton and Dilan would have to wear Cubs gear in the NYS Capitol and send signature hotdogs to Illinois.

(Psst: NY better win, if they know what’s good for them… Chicago hot dogs are the best!)

“Baseball is America’s National Pastime. My grandfather watched Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers at the old Ebbets Field,” said Sen. Hamilton. “I await the Met’s victory and watching the world series with my son. We are excited about the Mets and receiving Chicago’s signature hot dogs!”

“It is safe to say that [The Mets team], filled with talented young pitching and veteran leadership, has deservedly captivated the attention of our city,” said Sen. Dilan. “I look forward to the rest of the NLCS and enjoying some Chicago-style hot dogs in the near future. Go Mets!”

“Chicago cubs fans are some of the most loyal fans I have ever met. We have a talented young team that is down but not out,” said Sen. Hastings. “Chicago is a city that has always fought against the odds. New York hot dogs are only 4 victories away.”

“Sports are an integral part of American culture and a way of life. Chicago is the best sports city in the world,” said Sen. Harris, who is a former NFL player. “No sports experience can compare to the visiting the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. We all have high hopes for the Cubs winning the NLCS.”

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