redtape_3125836kOn Friday, October 16, Comptroller Scott Stringer will host a Red Tape Commission of small business owners in New York City, where entrepreneurs can share their stories about “the red tape” they have encountered during the launch and growth of their business.

Business owners can provide first-hand insight into the hurdles they face–issues surrounding things such as permits, violations or certifications, etc– during the launch and growth of their business. Employers can also network with business leaders and suggest areas where the city can improve the way it interacts with entrepreneurs.

In addition to the open public hearings, the commission is providing an online platform, as for collecting testimonies and stories. They will then review the stories and ideas to produce a report with recommendations so that the City can help entrepreneurs.

For more information about the Commission, please visit the website.

Red Tape Commission will take place at Brooklyn Law School, located at 205 State St., First Floor, at Boerum Place Downtown, at 8:30 am.

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