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Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Quote By Pablo Picasso.

Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Quote By Pablo Picasso.
Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Quote By Pablo Picasso.

Everyone Wants To Understand Art. Why Not Try To Understand The Songs Of A Bird? ~ Pablo Picasso

I love this quote! It is a metaphor for such a beautiful concept. To be creative, one must feed oneself with life. To understand art, the outer expression, one needs to understand the things that fed the artist who created the work.

Art is often a way to express the non-verbal, a point that was especially true during Picasso’s life, a new and exciting time when art was being produced that took people’s focus off the simple reproduction of scenes to an inner world that we all could access.

This quote also, in its simplicity, tells us to look around us at all the ordinary and mundane things that often escape our awareness, because inside something as ubiquitous as the song of a bird, is a world worthy of our attention and deeper understanding.

Art is an expression of the artist. Listening to a bird’s song is a direct experience. The lofty feeling that one who longs to have through a piece of art can be gained easily and directly through the magic of ordinary things, especially the sights and sounds of nature.

Have a beautiful week filled with birdsong!



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