By Richard Estime, Senior, Medgar Evers College

The 35th Annual Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration 10K Run, a part of the Bed-Stuy Alive! weeklong calendar of activities, is this Sunday October 11.

Leading up to the race, we are spotlighting a different runner who will be participating to find out why they run.

Brian Polhill, 48

1. What made you sign up for the race?  

I signed up for the race for many reasons: a) my running partner was doing the Staten Island half in prep for the NYC Marathon, so I needed my own race to do with a comfortable distance for me. b) I was born in Brooklyn at Methodist Hospital and lived on Ocean Parkway as a baby so the idea of running there interested me. c) the site for the race looked interesting. I like these charity/community events and races. d) I am always looking for new places to run, so I don’t get bored.

2. How long have you been running? Do you exercise regularly, and if so, how often? Are you involved in other sports?

This is my third summer running but I didn’t start doing actual timed races until last season. Specifically April 6, 2014 was my first timed race. I try to run or walk three to four times a week. Sometimes I will hit the gym but I would rather be outside. I have run about 50 timed races since I began doing this. It’s my only sport, really.

3. How do you get yourself prepared for the race? Have you made any changes in your diet to prepare?

I get up a couple of hours before the race, have some light breakfast with protein (usually yogurt, banana, cheese sticks) and drink lots of water. I stretch before the race.  I try and eat fish three times a week. I don’t eat a lot of red meat anymore. I try and limit the carbs, as well. I eat less bread and pasta, more fish, chicken, turkey and veggies.

4. How do you think this race will positively impact the community/neighborhood of Bed Stuy and what do you think would be a good strategy to help people within the community become healthier and exercise more often?

I got a very proud feeling from the community; a sense of everyone coming together. It was great! Just get outside. Walk to wherever you are going. Start with a couple blocks a day, and keep increasing it. Before you know it, you will be putting in the miles. Also, don’t be afraid of stairs. Climb the stairs and keep increasing!

5. How will the race benefit you personally?
It made me feel good being there. It makes me feel good thinking my race fee goes toward something positive, and it was a great community feeling. Also, running through the streets of Bed Stuy was beautiful; it really was.

6. Would you run the race again? Would you recommend the race to others?

I loved this race.  I had a great time being out there in Bed Stuy.  I thought it was a wonderful community oriented event. It has a great festival feel to it and I really enjoyed it. I would do it again if I could in a second! I would recommend the experience to everyone!

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