Ingersoll Houses
Photo: Andy Newman, NY Time Fort Green Local

Police arrested four suspects on Thursday who were allegedly involved in a shootout with police Wednesday night in Fort Greene.

According to police reports, around 10:45pm Wednesday, three plainclothes officers in the 88th Pct. were driving around in an unmarked NYPD police cruiser when they noticed a dispute between taking place between one of the suspects and two others near Park and N. Portland avenues.

According to the officers on the scene, one of the suspects allegedly began shooting at the officers in the unmarked vehicle, hitting the cruiser at least seven times. The officers returned fire, hitting the gunman one time in the leg.

All three suspects then fled on foot. Two were later arrested at Ingersoll Houses and taken into custody, along the shooter and a fourth person– the one who drove the injured suspect to the hospital.

Police Commissioner William Bratton identified the gunman as 23-year-old Quashawn Smith, Faruq Santos and 24-year-old Devon Morrison. The fourth man, who drove Smith to the hospital, has not been identified.

“It is truly alarming that the neighborhood of Fort Greene is under a siege of gun violence perpetrated by misguided young men whose senseless actions have demonstrated their blatant disregard for human life and public safety,” said Council Member Laurie A. Cumbo.

“There is no justifiable reason to approach a non-threatening human being with the intent to do harm. I am grateful that no one was seriously injured in the crossfire. I would like to thank the NYPD for their immediate apprehension of all three suspects.”

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  1. It’s great police work, all three bad guys caught and no police getting shot or hurt. Good work of the 88th. It’s a scandal that Inspector Fiorello is forced to put dozens of his men on duty for political reasons as is the case with him having to post many officers at a time on the Putman plaza because of political pressure. The plaza is empty and the police are just killing time when they could be out getting the bad guys. Council Lorie Cumbo should look into that.

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