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Photo: Brooklyn Public Library

Over the next several weeks, Brooklyn Public Library’s (BPL) Bookmobiles will hit the road, paying a visit to parks, block parties, day care centers and homeless shelters throughout Central Brooklyn where they will bring the library’s services straight to young residents where they live, work and play.

Renowned Brooklyn artist and graphic designer Adam J. Kurtz, whose whimsical and eye-catching artwork adorns the redesigned Bookmobiles, recently led a live collaborative drawing session and gave away copies of his book, 1 Page at a Time, at a Bookmobile event at the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg.

“I think the Bookmobile arriving should be as exciting as the neighborhood ice cream truck,” said Kurtz. “My collaboration for the BPL Bookmobile is bright and fun, with literary-inspired art that I hope stirs the same innate excitement. You know there’s gonna be something good inside.”

Photo: Brooklyn Public Library

By encouraging children to read while out of school, the initiative aims to prevent the “summer slide” that can happen for young kids during their summer recess, particularly those who may not have the regular access to the resources, transportation or support to keep them mentally active.  Students who do not read during the summer often suffer declines in their reading skills equivalent to the loss of one month’s classroom instruction, and young people who read over the summer are more likely to succeed in school and become lifelong learners.

“For thousands of Brooklynites, the thrill of seeing a Bookmobile in the neighborhood is similar to that of discovering a great new book, or rediscovering a beloved favorite,” said BPL President and CEO Linda E. Johnson. “With our fleet of redesigned Bookmobiles traversing the borough this summer, Brooklyn Public Library is able to offer extensive collections and fun programs outside of our 60 branches.”

Photo: Brooklyn Public Library

The Bookmobile’s rotating collection includes more than 6,000 volumes, and BPL tailors the Bookmobiles’ collections to each community they serve, offering a wide variety of genres and substantial foreign language offerings.

To schedule a Bookmobile visit at your event or organization, Apply online here, or contact the Office of Neighborhood Services at 718-230-2238 for more information.


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