The Brooklyn Peace and Justice Fair, initiated by Brooklyn For Peace and organized by a broad group of Brooklyn based progressive and community organizations, will take place from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday, June 27, at Cuyler Gore Park, located at Fulton St. between Greene Ave and Carlton Ave. in Fort Greene. The event is free and family-friendly.

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There will be music, art, theater, poetry, dance, games, activities for kids, small discussion groups and information, all focused on environmental justice, the impacts of gentrification, the racial impact of policing tactics, the plight of our veterans, the struggle for world peace and racial justice, and peace and justice across the Borough and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Fair is family-friendly with entertainment for all ages. This is a great a chance to socialize, meet your neighbors, talk, debate, listen to many powerful social justice theater artists, musicians, and writers who manage to live and work in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bed-Sty and across the borough (despite gentrification). Organizations participating include Black Vets for Social Justice; Brooklyn For Peace; Brooklyn Movement Center; Fort Greene Peace; FUREE; Fort Greene SNAP; Lafayette Ave Presbyterian Church Social Justice  Committee; Ingersoll Community Center; Atlantic Terminal Community Center; Lone Wolf Tribe; JACK Theater; People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street (OWS); Theater Three Collaborative, Irondale Theater; Brooklyn YWCA; Greene Hill Food Co-op.

Brooklyn For Peace (BFP) is our local 30-year-old Peace and Justice organization, and often works in league with the newer Fort Greene Peace (FGP). In summer 2014, the two groups co-sponsored a vigil during the assault on Gaza, collecting signatures from thousands of local residents who opposed the Israeli attacks on an enclosed population where half the residents are children. More recently, Brooklyn For Peace hosted intellectual dissident Noam Chomsky, at their 30thAnniversary Dinner and awarded him the Pathmakers to Peace plaque.

BFP and FGP have been lobbying Congressman Hakeem Jeffries on two initiatives which the Congressman now supports: continuing negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program and a “no” vote on TPP, a Pacific-rim trade agreement with lots of hidden and horrible ramifications for American workers and families.

You will find Music, Spoken Word, Theater, and Conversation about Racial and Environmental Justice at the Peace Fair
You will find Music, Spoken Word, Theater, and Conversation about Racial and Environmental Justice at the Peace Fair

Brooklyn For Peace joins in monthly vigils for “No Separate Justice” at the Manhattan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan, to spotlight the abuses of human rights and civil liberties in “War on Terror: cases, which are disproportionately often against Muslims, BFP and FGP participate in vigils, marches, petition campaigns and other actions in tandem with Black Lives Matter, Black Veterans for Social Justice, and other local peace and justice groups.  In short, Brooklyn For Peace should be one of your borough-wide go-to organizations

whenever creeping injustice gets you down. Brooklyn For Peace and Fort Greene Peace specialize in working for justice, peace, racial and social equality and, in general, for camaraderie with good talk among good folks. Come celebrate our neighborhood’s many efforts for Peace with Justice at the Brooklyn Peace and Justice Fair next Saturday! For more information, check out, or call 718-624-5921.

Karen Malpede

Karen Malpede is a playwright, theater director and co-Artistic Director of 22-year old, Brooklyn-based, Theater Three Collaborative. She is author of 18 produced plays; 4 of her recent plays will be anthologized...

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